The Fashion and Business Marketing Skills of Victoria Doramus

One of the best areas to use for marketing insight is fashion. For one thing, business and marketing has one term in common. This term is trend. In marketing, the trend is used to describe where people are going. In fashion, the same word is used for a similar meaning. Victoria Doramus understands what a trend is for fashion and marketing. Therefore, she uses her knowledge to be able to profit from her website. One of the best things about her site is that she displays a lot of items that are classy. Therefore, women would feel very elegant in these clothes.

The collection that is featured on her website has a wide variety of styles. Victoria Doramus (@iamvictorialynn) is very thoughtful on the items she picks for her website. Therefore, women are not going to find the same thing on the site. They are going to find something that is unique and interesting for them. Victoria Dormaus gives women a lot of room to discover the types of styles they want. They will feel as if they are true to themselves. One of the best feelings when it comes to fashion is the feeling that one has found her own style.

In her LinkedIn profile, Victoria Doramus has found her own style when it comes to fashion and business. She is able to use her style to bring customers. One thing that can be said for her is that her career is not all that conventional. While she has held some jobs in certain companies, they were all high paying jobs, and she has been responsible for a very important job. She has also learned skills that have taken her very far so that she will be able to run businesses of her own and not worry about losing work. She continues to learn and grow to this day.

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Why Fabletics is eclipsing its Competitors

When it comes to market analysis and responding to consumer trends, Fabletics is leading the pack in the fashion industry. In fact, Fabletics is one of the few athleisure brands using the review-centric marketing approach. The company is customer-centered, and so is a review-centric approach to marketing.

Review-centric marketing strategy is at the heart of digital marketing. The strategy considers modern consumers and their appetite to read reviews about a product or service before making a purchase decision. Since most brands now offer their merchandise through the internet, reviews mainly ‘user reviews” have become part and parcel of the e-commerce business.

Research carried out by BrightLocal, a UK based SEO firm, affirms that a majority of the surveyed people—84 percent—trust online reviews. In fact, the trust those people have on user reviews is comparable to the confidence they develop in product or service that has been recommended by someone they know. According to BrightLocal, the number of people that trust online reviews has been increasing every year that the survey has been conducted.

Peter Holten Mühlmann, CEO of Trustpilot, echoes the sentiments of BrightLocal. The CEO of the Danish firm states that modern consumers, unlike in the generations before, are averse to traditional marketing and advertising. Mühlmann further says that user reviews provide the much-needed feedback regarding a product or a service. According to him, user reviews provide safety to consumers as they can only purchase products or service that have positive reviews and shun those with negative reviews; consequently, the probability of acquiring a high-quality product/service goes up. Mühlmann concludes by advising firms to take advantage of this understanding of modern consumers.

Thanks to the review-centric marketing approach, Fabletics which was founded four years ago is on its way to becoming the leading athleisure brand. Presently, the company ships its merchandise to international destinations such as the UK, Germany, France, Australia, etc. Two years ago, the Fabletics announced that it had shipped over one million orders. Fabletics has introduced not only men’s athleisure clothing line but also non-athleisure clothing such as dresses. As Fabletics expanded, so did the number of paying members and revenues which are now reported to be over one million and $235 million respectively. Analysts conclude that the overall growth that the company has witnessed over the four years is in excess of 200 percent.

Fabletics is associated with Kate Hudson, Don Ressler, and Adam Goldenberg. The three settled on starting an activewear company in 2013 that focuses on two things: quality and price. The three wanted to offer high-quality clothing at lower prices than the prices offered by their competitors. So far they have managed to appeal to thousands of consumers.

The trend of personalized products/services is gaining traction in America and Fabletics has not been left behind. The company strives to offer personalized clothing to its consumers. To this end, the company encourages its consumers to take a “Lifestyle Quiz’’ which leads to the identification of Fabletics’ gear that suit their needs.

How Crowd-sourcing has Aided in the Growth of Fabletics

The will of the consumers to acquire products from a particular firm is determined by crowd’s power. In particular, the customers rely on crowd-sourced reviews when deciding on where to buy goods and services. They regard the reviews the same way they treat personal recommendation. Many companies have taken advantage of the behavior of the consumers as a marketing technique. The techniques are what is behind the increase of the worth of Fabletics by 200 percent since it was founded in 2013.The strategy has enabled the company to earn more than $235 million.

The growth of Fabletics is attributed to the maximum utility in the use of customers’ reviews. The reviews determine the number of customers that buy from a company, purchasing behavior of the customer and the number of customers retained. The loyalty of customers to particular brands is also determined by the online reviews. The technological advancement in the world makes the online reviews important components in decision-making. Customer conducts rigorous research online before choosing a company to purchase their goods and services. Many people trust the online reviews as compared to traditional techniques of marketing.

Data generated from research conducted recently indicates that 84 percent of the customers prefer online reviews. Negatively online reviews discourage the customers from shopping from a company. The reputation of the company is tainted by negative reviews. More than 76 percent of the companies leverage on customers’ reviews. The views are obtained from the websites of the companies. The numbers of reviews on the websites of companies have experienced 70 percent increase. Positive attract more customers, increase customer retention and improve the loyalty of consumers. The effects of positive reviews are reflected in the increase in revenue. Increasing the number of positive reviews improves the ranking of a company. The rankings are done by google and e-tail sites. Positive reviews increase the chances of the customer buying from the company by 17 percent.

Many people depend on the online reviews in the current digital generation. About 95 percent of the customers are retained through positive online reviews. Sites such as Trustpilot are visited by many customers to check for favorable brands and to write reviews on particular products. Crowdsourcing is efficient marketing technique which portrays transparency and improves the customers’ focus on a particular brand.

Kate Hudson is recognized for her contribution towards the growth of Fabletics. She is active in ensuring that the performance of the company improves. Some of the areas in which she is mostly involved in include social media strategies and design procedures. She is also involved in brands marketing. She makes sure that the brand’s design suits the needs of the consumers. She uses the products from the company while going for exercises at the gym. Her behaviors reveal her dedication and commitment in marketing the products from Fabletics.

Kate negotiated for the signing of a partnership between Fabletics and TechStyle Fashion Group. TechStyle Fashion Group assist Fabletics regarding online services. The move helps Fabletics to reduce marketing costs. Every consumer should do life quiz which is fundamental in choosing best brand of Fabletics. The life quiz assists the consumers to decide on the brands that are comfortable for them