Chris Burch’s Idea On The Future Of Fashion And Technology

Fashion and technology are two areas of great interest. Over the years, the two industries have grown together. Fashion and technology seem to take the lead role interchangeably. With time, technology becomes fashionable and fashion turns out to be technological. To understand how the future of fashion and technology will be, one needs to examine the past and current trends.

A glimpse of the 70s highlights the excitement that accompanied the introduction of the boom box. This is because it allowed users to listen to their favorite stations. In addition, with two cassette decks, people could record music from one side as the other side played music. Carrying the boom box became popular after its inclusion in movies. In the 90s, the Walkman became popular. People purchased it to get a personal music experience. In the 2000s, the iPod was introduced to the world. Because of its portability, many people purchased the device. This scenario shows that technology advances with the popularity of what people consider fashionable.

Presently, the two industries complement each other. Advancement of technology has seen fashion designers use different gadgets, especially on the runway with the view to popularizing a given innovation. Anouk Wipprecht is one of the top designers that have succeeded in marrying fashion with technology.

Additionally, innovators have been using technology to make items that help in protecting people during accidents. For instance, Anna Haupt has created a fashionable bike protection system for cyclists. During an accident, the airbag inflates and protects the head of a cyclist. Haupt’s creation is part of the trend where fashion designers are using technological advancements in to enhance their fashion. Other trendsetters are recycling material to develop exceptional fashions. Recently, SegraSegra created jackets and T-shirts from recyclable bicycle inner tubes. For this reason, the future of the two industries lies in working together.

About Chris Burch

Chris Burch is Burch Creative Capital’s founder. He is also the company’s chief executive officer. Burch Creative Capital is an investment firm that has created innovative solutions to address various challenges faced by clients in the market. The entrepreneurial values, philosophy and vision of Chris Burch have guided the firm to success. They include applying imagination, incubation, and creativity. The company believes in having a vision for the emerging markets as well as a positive, direct, and long lasting impact on consumers.

For over four decades, Burch has made successful investments. He has played an integral role in the growth of over 50 companies. Burch has invested in a number of industries, including hospitality, retail, and apparel. His brand portfolio includes Nihiwatu, TRADEMARK, Cocoon9, Poppin, and ED by Ellen DeGeneres.