The Product Recognition Revolution with Slyce

Finding the right product online has gone through a dramatic change in the last several years and it is going to continue doing so with the help of Slyce. Slyce is a product recognizing service that is able to determine a product, brand and pricing through a simple image. This way, customers no longer need to try and match up specific keywords they are typing into a search engine with that of a product they are looking for online. It can be rather difficult for someone to determine what the right keywords are, and with hundreds, if not thousands of similar products online, it makes it especially difficult for anyone to be able to actually match up these different items with keywords. Due to this, it is much better to use the image recognition software currently being designed by Slyce and implemented into visual search fields around the world.

So How Does it Work?

The Slyce image recognition service is rather straight forward, but does a very important feature. When an image is uploaded into the search field, the Slyce product is able to identify it with the assistance of dozens of different identifying factors. This can be a range of dimensions to colors, shapes, and other variables that an individual simply would not type into a search engine themselves. The information and points of reference the online service picks up is then cross referenced with other content that is stored in the search databanks. This way, a more accurate product recognition is offered up and put on display for the individual.

What Images Work

Really, any kind of image can be used for someone who is looking to find a product. If someone wants to snap a picture with their smart phone of someone walking down the street holding a certain bag or a particular pair of shoes, they are able to do exactly this. On the other end, if someone has found a product online posted in an image but there is no information regarding a brand, they are also able to use this sort of picture. Really, if the individual has it in picture form, they are not going to have any kind of problem using it in the search fiend and having it cross referenced with the information that is already stored in the Slyce databanks.

It is no longer going to be difficult for someone to search online in order to find the right product they saw a friend walking with or someone on the street featuring. Now, all they need to do is use the Slyce image recognition service and they are almost instantly going to have the correct information at their disposal, without any sort of problem.

A New Way To Shop

With cell phones and tablets, shoppers have admittance to retailers readily available every minute of every day, anyplace they may be.

The best retailers both chain and online dealers perceive that portable innovation has changed the in-store experience. You can contrast the movement with portable as like the movement that web crawlers exhibited about two decades back. Hunting down data of any sort went from being an individual affair to a standout amongst the most beneficial organizations around.

The impact of cell phones on our capacity to extinguish this unquenchable hunger for answers has been nothing not exactly seismic. With the force of associated hunt in our stashes, we are allowed to source answers, immediately, to any capricious inquiry we may have, the length of we can obviously clarify in words what we’re searching for.

Late progressions in the range of visual search on slyce are setting the stage for a noteworthy movement in how individuals connect with their general surroundings and how retailers can better communicate with clients. For retailers, this is an open door that is increased by the rise of cell phones and affirmed by the force of both visuals and online inquiry. Visual hunt innovation is entering genuine practicality at a basic time for an industry experiencing a colossal measure of change.

A recent shopping application created by Craves called Slyce is making a versatile boutique experience utilizing visual inquiry to find products. Clients can snap a photograph of an outfit or clothing and let the application find a comparable item. There’s no compelling reason to produce any extra information on the grounds that the picture acknowledgment programming perceives 2D pictures from printed pages.

However, while Slyce is the inserted innovation utilized by these retail accomplices, the application will incorporate stock from a mixed bag of retailers. Also, design fans can take motivation from their general surroundings, from companions outfits to print promotions. After a client checks a fancied shoe style, he or she will be given all accurate or firmly coordinating things. Sounds like an app worth keeping!

The organization is likewise attempting to build up a checkout encounter that happens specifically inside Craves as opposed to sending clients to a third party as it does today, and the group will enhance the personalization abilities of the application alongside the vendor line-up.

As more brands saturate the portable space with these sorts of shopping encounters, clients will turn out to be more acclimated to being able to snap photographs of items while out on the town and get buying alternatives in a flash.

New App Scans Body To Create a Perfect Fit Shirt

Ever wish you could get that perfectly fitted feel without going to a tailor? Now it can as easy as whipping’ out your phone and downloading an app! MTailor, with the use of an iPhone camera, determines your body measurements for you and you can go from there. The directions on the app instruct you to choose the fabric, collar, and cuff that you would like to start. Next, you measure yourself with the use of your iPhone or iPad. Finally, with those two easy steps, you should receive your shirt in the mail, simple as that!

The shirts start at around $64, the same price you would pay picking an un-customized shirt off the rack at J. Crew or Banana Republic. One awesome benefit about using this app it that is saves a lot of time and headaches at the mall. You are able to quickly and efficiently order shorts at your leisure, and the app saves your measurements so you don’t have to retake them every time you wish to order more. It saves travel time and you never have to face the disappointment of finding a shirt you love but just don’t look quite right when you try it on.

They would just use your original body measurements but change up the formula. MTailor is also looking to make the app available on FreedomPop and other Android devices as soon as possible. This app has a bright future in a world where everyone is constantly praising, dissing, or demanding recognition for all kinds of body types, as it’s sure to make anyone look their best no matter what size they are.