The Fashion and Technological Developer, Christopher Burch

The fashion and technological industry have been faced with dire static changes throughout the decades. The main difference is that both the industries grow together. Technology has evolved to be fashionable, and the fashion has turned to be technological fashionable on a fascinating journey. This gives a hint of the future we expect from the world of fashion and technology in the next decade.

Chirrs Burch has been the man who has evolved and integrated fashion and technology in the market industry. Throughout his life till the launching of Burch Creative Capital, Burch has always integrated technology and tried it to be part of his agents of success. For instance, in his company, with his brother after gaining a place in the market world, he opted to use technology to produce his brand.

Christopher Burch is the CEO and the founder of Burch Artistic Capital, a New York-based firm that manages the brand development and investments. His co-founder is Tory Burch since the start of the business. He attained the title of the billionaire in late 2012 when the Forbes magazine rated him among the best ten people as per the net worth. Burch got much of his current wealth from the Burch creative as well as the Guggenheim Partners, where he was also an active investor.

Burch has invested in several sectors ranging from the fashion industry to real estates, and also in the film industry. Since his undergraduate level in Ithaca College, Burch and his brother started engaging in the fashion industry by selling sweaters through their company; Eagle’s Eye apparel. They later proceeded to start manufacturing new brands of preppy that within a span of a decade, the company expanded to achieve over 140 million dollars in sales. By late the decade, the company had over 50 retail stores, and it was sold to Swire group consequently the brand sold to Swire at the end of 1998.

In 2008, after assisting his wife launch Tory Burch; where he acted as a co-founder, Burch established the j. Christopher Capital LLC, which he later renamed to Burch Creative Capital. Burch has also partnered with Alan Faena an hotelier and Philippe Stark who is an architect in developing Faena hotel in Buenos Aires. Burch, since then, engaged in several real estate businesses. In the year 2013, he purchased Niihau resort in Sumba Island next To Bali. Burch is also a philanthropic entrepreneurship expressed when he donated 1.3million dollars to alma mater Tilton School, where he was a trustee director in the school.

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