Great Flavors With EOS

There are a lot of EOS flavors that you can choose from.. You might be wondering how you can get what you want. The good news is that it’s not as hard as you may think to have a great tasting flavor and beautiful soft lips.


Fruity Flavors

There are a lot of fruity flavors that you can get from EOS. Some of these include Strawberry and Blueberry flavors. They are some of the sweetest flavors that also offer a nice feeling on the lips. This is a great thing if you want something that is going to be used a lot, but that you want to have a bit of sweet.


Mint Flavors

These flavors are made for those that don’t like sweet flavors so much. If you want to have some flavors that are more traditional, then you might want to look at mint flavors.. These help to make your lips feel clean and tingly. That’s what makes them so great and they come in a few different flavors of mint. You can get green mint as well as other flavors in this category. It’s just going to depend on what you like and how it feels on your lips.

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There are a lot of flavors that you can get when it comes to EOS. You may not know what ones are going to work the best for you. That is why it’s so important for you to try a few and see what ones are going to feel the best on your lips and be the flavors you want. The last thing you want to do is to get a flavor that is going to not taste good to you. Take some time to try more than one kind and see what one makes the most sense to you.  Check



Doe Deere And Lime Crime Break The Internet With Social Media Success

Lime Crime Cosmetics, the bright, colorful and fun Make-Up brand, created by CEO and beauty blogger Doe Deere, just exceeded two million followers on Instagram. According to Doe Deere, the pioneer of “on-lip” lipstick swatch; Instagram to her is not just a platform to promote the brand, but also to connect on a more personal level with customers. She encourages her fans and customers all over the world, and Instagram to be fearless and unique when it come to hair, Make-Up and personal style.

The native Russian moved to New York City with only seventeen, to pursue fashion design, at the Fashion Institute Of Technology. But Doe Deere didn’t just had an eye for fashion, but also an ear for music, Doe Deere (born; Xenia Vorotova) wanted to actually pursue a career in music.

For reason unknown, the music project was “put on ice”, and instead Doe Deere created a DIY fashion line called “lime crime”, that she sold, as an independent fashion designer, on eBay back in 2004.

Since Doe Deere had to model her DIY fashion herself and do her own Make-Up, but was dissatisfied what the Make-Up world could supply, she put fate in her own hands to create a Make-Up line full of electric colors, it should be illegal. Four years later, in 2008, Lime Crime Cosmetics was born. Cruelty-free Make-Up for eyes and lips with all colors the rainbow could offer. Vibrant, bold and high pigmented, exactly what Doe Deere always imagined. The unicorn queen doesn’t see Make-Up just to camouflage imperfections, but rather to embrace the freedom of being unique and yourself.

Making ecommerce a huge success for other indie brands, by believing in her brand and products, but also herself, she wanted to show critiques that women would buy lipstick online, if they see the product on actual lips, instead of being crushed or swiped on a piece of blank paper. Hence she introduced the “on-lip” lipstick swatch.

When Instagram became the hit and market tool on social media, Lime Crime’s profile, as well as Doe Deere’s gained a lot of followers instantaneous and worldwide. Doe Deere even promotes customer photos, who wear her brand on the Lime Crime website, so other consumers can see how the product looks on, but also to show diversity and creativity with each customer.

Find out more about Doe Deere and Lime Crime at


Parisian Style Inspirations

Casual chicness to the dream. How do French women pull it off? Their street style comes from well-edited wardrobes that are put together casually yet how so smartly. The first tip to take to heart – don’t give in to trends. Aim for style. Who What Wear picks their favorite inspirationistas below.

Okay, it’s not a word yet. But trust us, inspirationistas will catch on. Clémence Poésy is a French model and actress, and our personal fashion icon. Poésy’s Chloe advertisement is our style dream: flowing blonde locks in a bohemian dress while running in a field.

Once you nail down the perfect French day old washed hair, you can build her look by pairing opposites. For instance, wear a Coco Chanel inspired boucle jacket with feminine touches with refined menswear footwear. The key to pull-off this look is keep everything tailored and sharp looking. Footwear should be clean and narrow and worn with stocking like short socks so your ankle shows. Use a J. Crew ankle cuff and roll up your pants just a touch. Tailored black trousers should sit low enough to be discernable from menswear and cut to showcase your hips, not hide them. Pleats are not acceptable in slacks. Flatter your silhouette.

The first runner-up as our fashion icon is Geraldine Saglio, stylist and fashion editor for Vogue Paris. The epitome of casual cool, Saglio is a go-to source for how to refine your jeans outfit with styling. Cuff your skinny jeans a half inch with one flip and pair with simple black kitten heels. The look becomes refined by using a thin black leather belt to cinch a wool trench coat. Also, cuff your trench the same as your jeans. If your belt is long, loop it through its own waistband.

If you are looking for full time help for styling tips, become a VIP Member at JustFab. The monthly subscription service picks out stylish pieces for you each month for your very own online boutique. The boutique has handbags, tops, slacks, skirts, denim, and jewelry, and JustFab ships them straight to you.

View their videos on youtube.

Gucci Sets Trends Once Again


With the Milan fashion week events in full swing, many experts have speculated on trends, as well as brands to watch for the upcoming year.  Gucci was already iconic, high-end brand that has inspired many teens and young adults to repeat the phrase, “That’s Gucci.” Success like this comes as a result of fresh designs, such as a plethora of sequins or graffiti, interspersed onto decidedly vintage designs.
Gucci may set the trends, but JustFab delivers these trends to customers, wherever they may be. JustFab designers are always keeping up with styles like these so that they can deliver up-to-the-minute styles to their customers. Even if your style is somewhat off-the-wall, there are clothing and accessories for every personal style preference at JustFab. Follow them on Twitter!

Makeup Executives Like Doe Deere Are Rare

It is nice to see someone like Doe Deere in the presidential role within a company. She’s young and she has remembered not to take herself too seriously. This can often be the danger that unravels a lot of business professions. Doe Deere has realized that you can run a company and still have fun while you are doing it.

It amazes me to see the fullness of this Lime Crime company come to light. It is like watching a beautiful flower bloom. I remember when I was seeing this brand for the first time. Someone on Facebook told me about it. I saw some products when I went to the website, and I searched for the person behind this brand. I discovered Doe Deere early on, and I wondered if she would come into the mainstream. Doe Deere didn’t waste a lot of time with (what appears to be worthless) print media advertising in physical magazines. To the contrary, she put her pocketbook aside and focused on making the time to connect with her audience through social media. The dividends for this investment have been tremendous. Her fan base is growing, and I believe that it is all based on her ability to really stay true to herself. Her makeup may not be for everyone, but she certainly knows how to pull her target crowd into her midst. She tweets on Twitters, posts on Facebook and continues to upload videos on YouTube.

There are teenage girls that are really embracing this makeup because Doe Deere is speaking to the new generation. She isn’t someone that is simply seating behind a desk with no knowledge of what her fan base is doing. There is not a long chain of ranking executives that are getting input from lower level workers. Doe Deere has her ear to the street, and she knows what is happening.

How To Select A Radiant Lip Color

Have you ever wondered how to find a lip color that will look magnificent on you? If you long to try a creamy new matte lipstick, but are unsure where to begin your search, fear not. Here are a few tips to help you select a new lip color that you will love. Sometimes a new color can make you feel infectiously happy, and of course your lips will look even more beautiful when you smile.

The newer lipsticks have a tendency to have a matte color that is creamy yet light. These luminous hues reflect light in a way that will make your lips look positively radiant.

If you are new to wearing makeup and wish to play it safe, then select shades that are within a few shades that are only a touch lighter or darker than your natural lip color. The color will look neutral and pretty without looking too fussy.

However, if you are open to experimenting with different shades much lighter or darker than your natural color, that’s wonderful too. Typically fair skin pairs well with blue undertones. Lipstick with blue undertones includes a wide range of pinks and rose colors. If you are especially daring, you could even attempt to wear a lip color that is sky blue.
Ladies with warm olive skin tones can also wear rich plums and as well as a matte beige. These colors have a tendency to wash out fairer skin tones. If you have dark skin, you will look ravishing in that deep crimson lipstick that everyone wants to be able to pull off.

Also, pay attention to your other features. If you have lighter hair a dark lip color is going to look even darker in terms of contrast. Also look at your teeth. If your teeth have a tendency to be a little bit yellow, your lipstick can actually help brighten them in an instant! Choose lipstick with blue undertones such as pink as well as plums and wines. If your teeth are pretty yellow, you might want to reconsider coral or orange-based colors; these will only attract more attention to yellow teeth.

Doe Deere on pinterest created Lime Crime to appeal to the demographic of women that crave bold and vibrant colors. Fair skin tones can sport beautiful colors from the Unicorn Lipstick product line including Babette, Great Pink Planet and if you are especially daring Cry Baby. The Cry Baby lip color is an unexpected shade of sky blue. Olive skin tones would look great in colors like Poisonberry or Cosmopop. Darker skin tones would look beautiful in colors suck as Glamour101 and Retrofuturist. Whether you wish to play it a bit safe or dial up the drama, Doe Deere’s Lime Crime has a stunning array of colors to choose from.

Select a lip color that makes you feel amazing. If makeup helps you feel more confident and beautiful, you will glow from inside out. Choose a lipstick that suits your temperament and outlook and you will really shine!