Overview of Evolution of Smooth Lip Balm

According to Best EOS Lip Balms – Our Top 10 article, to get the perfect pout, one must put some tint to the lips (Style Craze). This can be done with lip balm or a lip salve. Lip balm and lip salve is made out of a waxy substance and normally people use it on chapped or dry lips. Lip balm and lip salve will protect the lips and add just a little bit of color to them. Lip gloss is completely different from just a regular lip balm. Lip gloss is usually a little sticky versus lip balm.

Digging deeper into the article, it is said that lip balm has been out for quite some time. As a matter of fact, lip balm has been out since the 1880’s. It was originally created by Charles Browne Fleet. Charles Browne Fleet is also known for creating chap sticks. However, the evolution of smooth lip balms, better known as EOS, became very popular around the world, check mapleholistics.com. It has quite a unique shape to it. It has a sphere housing. The lip balm has colors that are vibrant. It also moisturizes the lips. EOS is very affordable. A lot of people would appreciate the fact that EOS is packed with natural and organic ingredients. The ingredients consist of Shea butter and Jojoba oil.

Due to certain temperatures such as dry air or cold air, lips can become very dry. EOS contains Vitamin E which helps to hydrate the lips. It will also protect the lips. For anyone looking for something to keep the lips hydrated, then EOS is the product. EOS sells well simply because of their unique shape. EOS is also available in stick form as well. EOS includes many popular flavors.

On the evolution of smooth website, it is stated that the business started with just a simple concept of taking lip balm and just experiencing with it. Lip balm does not have to be so basic looking.

EOS Lip Balm Review

Lip Balm is such an important day to day necessity for both woman and men. With all of the different elements that can cause your lips to crack and get dried out, it is so important to have a good nutrient rich lip balm handy. Especially with summer being upon us, the EOS Lemon Drop SPF 15 is amazing to take to the beach or the park with its added SPF 15 to help protect and keep your lips moist in the hot summer sun (maplepholistics.com).

EOS has so many unique flavors that it’s hard to pick just one, each one being packed full of a variety of nutrients and fragrances to help moisturize and re-hydrate. They also come in either their unique spherical case and shape or they now come in stick form, if you prefer a more traditional look.

The EOS Pomegranate Raspberry flavor is also a top choice, with its subtle hints of pomegranate and raspberry flavors and smooth feel. It also helps to not only moisturize your lips, but also, helps to heal your dried lips through its combination of organic Shea butter and organic oils, see Amazon.

One of the top reasons to choose EOS Lip Balms over any other brand for me is the fact that EOS uses 100% natural and organic ingredients, is hypoallergenic, and is paraben and petrochemical-free, which is extremely important in the overall health of my lips.

Though it’s easy to forget about the health of your lips or not think its important, taking care of your lips and keeping them healthy and hydrated is so important, especially with all of the chemicals and toxins that our lips are exposed to each day.

Vegan EOS lip balm

EOS or Evolution of Smooth, is a company that has reinvented the way people use lip care products. The company decided balm no longer needed to be as boring as it was. The founders of the company found that the traditional stick or tube style lip balm was just plain and very depersonalized. With that in mind, they created the EOS lip balm. The product has taken over the lip care market, ending up in the purses of some very popular celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus. The balm itself is encased within a colorful pod. The pod is smooth and spherical. The top of the pod unscrews to reveal the pleasant balm. The balm has a taste and smell like no other balm on the market. The company has had a dramatic spike in sales over the years. They have become extremely successful (mapleholistics.com). The pods can be found at many major retailers such as Target or Walmart. They go for around four bucks a pop.

EOS recently released an upgraded version to their lip balm. This version is called the Crystal EOS lip balm. Hence the name, the balm has a crystal clear look. It is totally transparent. The balm has also been modified as it is now totally vegan. It is available in two blissful flavors including Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach. The balm is enriched with a handful of oils that add hydration to your lips. The balm is clear due to the removal of beeswax. This wax is the cause of the heavy feeling associated with traditional balms. Don’t worry though, the new lip balm still packs some serious hydration power. The new product goes for around $5. It has driven sales off the charts. The new balm is a real deal lip product, check ulta.com.


Five Must-Have Back To Work Items For 2016

Okay, so we’ll admit that “back to work” isn’t officially a thing. Sure, most of us in the working world didn’t get a summer break like our student counterparts. However, just because we never left the office doesn’t mean that we don’t get excited about the crop of new cosmetics and decor items that come out during back to school time. To help you get excited about “back to work,” here are five items that are worth coveting in the fall of 2016

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Earth mamas have been obsessed with these gorgeous lamps for years and now they’re finally finding mainstream popularity. These lamps are said to release negative ions that combat fatigue and feelings of malcontent. Even if you don’t buy the hippie buzz, they still omit an utterly gorgeous, serene glow.

Farmhouse-Inspired Floor Cushions

This season is all about getting back to rustic, shabby chic and simple country decorating schemes. These cushions are perfect for giving your house a cozy, inviting and comfortable feel.

Simple Handbags That Go With Everything

We’ve had our fun with unique and out-there handbag designs, but the new trends are skewing more old fashioned. Handbags that go with everything, like this gorgeous handmade gray handbag, is the perfect accessory for the fall of 2016.

Sphere Lip Balms

Tube lip balms are so passe. The trendiest choice in hydration for your kisser is definitely lip balms that come in a sphere container, like this one from Eos. The design of the balm is adorable and you get more product than you would with a tube.  More on stylecrae.com

The DIY Organizational Technique

Forget about buying boring old organizational tools and containers to keep your office in check. This season is all about taking cues from Pinterest and articles like this one and creating your own organizational tools out of items such as mason jars. The finished effect is very rustic and shabby chic.

Follow any of these tips to have your trendiest and most glam “back to work” season possible.

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A Review of the new EOS Vegan Crystal Balms Reveal Their Popularity

The new line of vegan Crystal lip balms from EOS is just another example of how much this company focuses on the needs of today’s consumer. Created without any animal byproducts these new balms are so popular that stores are having a hard time keeping them on the shelves. People who were not able to benefit from using other balms from EOS because of the ingredients they contained, now have the ability to enjoy the same moisturizing benefits provided by their other products. The new vegan balms are currently available in the lip-smacking flavors of Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid. Learn more about the product, click this

Right from the start, the founders of Evolution of Smooth chose to create their products to appeal to the needs of today’s modern consumer. They achieved this by designing a container that was not only more visually appealing and easier to hold than those created by their competitors, but they also added natural ingredients that gave their balms flavor, scent and color. They then refined their lines to include balms that could medicate and protect the lips through the use of ingredients such as natural chamomile and sun block with as much as 30 SPF protection against UVA and UVB rays.  Read more on influenster.com.

Top of the Line Beauty Trend

As a company that strives to stay on top of the current trends in beauty and healthcare, the team at EOS decided to change the shape of their spherical container with the introduction of their new Crystal line of balms. The new container has more of a triangular egg shape than an orb shape, which when combined with the transparent balm, actually makes it appear somewhat futuristic. They also have several of their balms available in stick form, which includes their popular flavors of Strawberry Sorbet, Pomegranate Raspberry, Sweet Mint and Vanilla Bean found in their organic line of balms.

Read users reviews on https://www.amazon.com/EOS-Organic-Lip-Balm-Sphere/product-reviews/B004OOVS0Y

EOS Vanilla Bean Lip Balm May Be Vanilla, But Its Not Boring

EOS Vanilla Bean Lip Balm comes in a neatly sealed package that eliminates tampering and damage. Once removed from the package, you will find that the product is stored in a container that is a bit larger and fancier than the typical drug store lip balms. The Vanilla Bean variety comes in a cream-tinted white package to symbolize its flavor content.

The smell is appropriate for both men and women, and is not particularly overpowering. It is a light, yet non-fleeting vanilla scent, that is both delicious and charming and especially pleasant. It is not overly-heavy, nor does it smell like unnatural chemicals.

It also has a light vanilla taste that is provided by the added sweetener, Stevia, which is not too sweet and dissipates the longer the balm is worn. This means the flavor is not likely to dominate over the taste of beverages and food.

Like most EOS products, EOS Vanilla Bean Lip Balm is especially smooth and moisturizing. It is very soothing for dried and cracked lips. Some people even wear it overnight to condition the delicate skin of the lips. It glides easily along the damaged areas with minimal tugging.

As the package indicates, EOS Vanilla Bean Lip Balm is for “…happy, moist, super-smooth lips, 100% natural, and 95% organic.” This contributes to an extra-long shelf-life of up to two years. It is also petroleum-free, and it has been proven that ingesting even the smallest amounts of petroleum can be harmful. Head over to evolutionofsmooth.ca for an in-depth look of the products.

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Because it is 100% natural and organic, EOS Vanilla Bean Lip Balm is also much less greasy than other brands. It will not clog the delicate pores around the lips leading to breakouts. It also does not leave a greasy film. As a matter of fact, the lip balm is creamy, applies in a very smooth fashion, and absorbs into lips quickly.  Now is the time to follow EOS on facebook.com.

To learn more about EOS, visit their website at https://www.evolutionofsmooth.de/

How EOS Became the Lip Balm of Choice

EOS lip balm all started when three people decided to think outside of the box. Sanjiv Mehra, Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky,came up with a way of creating a lip balm that was innovative and not the same and boring 100-year-old cylinder chap stick. For over a century, chap stick was found in drug stores with the same packaging, same shape, and the basic same flavors. The founders of EOS decided that there was an opportunity for creating a new and exciting lip balm that would be different than those of the past. In an exclusive interview with the magazine, Fast Company, the founders of EOS talk about how they have created a 250 million dollar company and the product that has become the second best selling lip balm in the country.  Hop over now to evolutionofsmooth.ca, to read additional articles.

EOS, which stands for, “Evolution of Smooth” has been seen all over the beauty and fashion magazines and is now sold in most drug stores. This lip balm has single handedly driven growth in the oral care category. Although chap stick has been viewed as a unisex commodity, the founders of EOS realized that the product was being used primarily by women. Therefore, they decided to create a lip balm made for women’s every day experiences. Users on sensory panels explained that they liked the idea of lip balm being in the shape of a pot, but did not want to apply the product with their fingers. The founders decided that products that women depend on should bring moments of delight.

Mehra, Teller, and Dubitsky did not want to create a product that would just be a fad. Instead, they wanted to create something that could be useful, effective, and pleasurable to use for a very long time. They used their own capital and funds and hired a clay artist who modeled different shapes that would be different from the same cylindrical chap stick tube. It was important to them to create a product that would engage all of the five senses, such as,the way the smooth packaging would feel,the way the flavors would taste good, the smells, the color of the packaging, and the way it made a clicking sound when the pot would close.

Although the founders knew they had come up with a great product, they explain that it was difficult to get EOS into stores. At first, buyers at drug stores didn’t know what to make of this new product. Many thought that customers were creatures of habit and would stay loyal to the old chap stick that they knew best. However, after landing their first successful account with Walgreens, Target and Walmart soon began to put EOS on their shelves. Another useful site here at douglas.de.

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In order to get the buzz out on this new product, the founders contacted beauty bloggers who reviewed EOS and posted about it on social media. Soon, EOS became the largest advertiser in their category. All of the advertising and work paid off as EOS is now a household product after just seven short years. Today, the company sells over a million lip balms a week.

For further details, visit their website at https://www.evolutionofsmooth.de/

Perfect Lip Balm for On the Go Moms

Looking for a new type of lip balm that fits with your life as a busy mom? Check out the tremendous selection of lip balms created by Evolution of Smooth also known as EOS. Here are a few quick reasons why EOS lip balms are the perfect choice for moms that are on the go!

Select a Flavor That Suits Your Personal Taste

EOS offers you a variety of flavors to suit your style, personality or even your mood for the day! Appealing flavors such as Blueberry Acai, Pomegranate Raspberry, Honeysuckle Honeydew and Passion Fruit live up to their names by providing you with delicious flavor every time you smooth them onto your lips. This is a quick and easy choice for moms with little time to spare! So, hop over now to evolutionofsmooth.ca.

Wear It with Confidence

It’s clear that EOS lip balms make your lips look their best. But, they are healthful products as well. This balm mixture includes both the antioxidant vitamin E and Shea Butter adding nutrients to the sensitive skin on your lips. Unlike other products, these lip balms are almost completely organic and contain no petrolatum, phthalates or gluten. You can enjoy peace of mind when you choose EOS lip balm.

Apply It Where You Want It

Whether you are standing in front of a mirror applying lip balm during your morning routine or putting on a fresh coat as you dash to pick up a child from soccer practice, you want it to look perfect. You never want to apply too much or too little to your lips. The even consistency of EOS lip balm allows you to apply it with precision every time. Plus, the simple twist-off cap keeps your lip balm fresh and ready to use throughout the day.

Get Protection from the Elements

Sometimes we forget how vulnerable our lips are to the extreme temperatures brought on with the change of seasons. Lips can crack and bleed in the cold weather and may suffer damage from the sun during the summer months. This makes maintaining the health of our lips an important issue. EOS lip balm provides your lips with a layer of protection that keeps them looking and feeling healthy.

Slip It into Your Purse or Pocket

Each flavor of EOS lip balm comes in a colorful, small container that you can pop into your purse or even slip into a pants pocket. In fact, the color of the container matches the flavor of the lip balm inside it. You never have to struggle to find space in your purse for this little container. It’s an item that’s easy to take along to work, a meeting at the school, a coffee date with friends or anywhere you want to look your best. Your friends and coworkers are sure to wonder where you got your cute container of lip balm. Check douglas.de for this.

Try EOS lip balms to discover just how lovely and delicious wearing lip balm can be!

For full info, visit their website at https://www.evolutionofsmooth.de/

Pomegranate Raspberry: My Favorite Lip Balm Flavor

I discovered EOS several months ago. Their lip balms are absolutely amazing, and I cannot get enough. The lip balm moisturizes my lips, so chapped lips are never a concern. And, the orb is fun to carry. But, it is the EOS lip balm flavors that really make me smile.

EOS has a few different flavors to choose from that keep your lips happy. I’ve tried four of them so far, and while it is pretty difficult to choose just one, I must say that I favor Pomegranate Raspberry most. I like this flavor because it is so unique; you won’t find anything like it offered from another brand. It has an interesting, unique flavor that leaves you satisfied, yet still intrigued. It is a real treat for the lips, and I probably use it more often than I actually need an application.

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EOS is the second-leading lip balm brand in the country, falling behind Burt’s Bees, and toppling Chapstick. The company sells more than one-million orbs of lip balm each week. The lip balm is popular because it is made with all-natural ingredients that benefit the lips, and because of the awesome flavor selection. If you’ve yet to try EOS, what are you waiting for?  Click on dougles.de for details It is a product that I simply cannot live without, and I think you will agree.  For more of EOS, hop over to their facebook.com page.

For further details visit https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/lip-balm.html