The Fashion and Business Marketing Skills of Victoria Doramus

One of the best areas to use for marketing insight is fashion. For one thing, business and marketing has one term in common. This term is trend. In marketing, the trend is used to describe where people are going. In fashion, the same word is used for a similar meaning. Victoria Doramus understands what a trend is for fashion and marketing. Therefore, she uses her knowledge to be able to profit from her website. One of the best things about her site is that she displays a lot of items that are classy. Therefore, women would feel very elegant in these clothes.

The collection that is featured on her website has a wide variety of styles. Victoria Doramus (@iamvictorialynn) is very thoughtful on the items she picks for her website. Therefore, women are not going to find the same thing on the site. They are going to find something that is unique and interesting for them. Victoria Dormaus gives women a lot of room to discover the types of styles they want. They will feel as if they are true to themselves. One of the best feelings when it comes to fashion is the feeling that one has found her own style.

In her LinkedIn profile, Victoria Doramus has found her own style when it comes to fashion and business. She is able to use her style to bring customers. One thing that can be said for her is that her career is not all that conventional. While she has held some jobs in certain companies, they were all high paying jobs, and she has been responsible for a very important job. She has also learned skills that have taken her very far so that she will be able to run businesses of her own and not worry about losing work. She continues to learn and grow to this day.

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5 star Eos Lip Balm Review

Look out lip balm! EOS has taken the show!

EOS lip balm has stolen my heart, especially with the new release of the two Crystal Vegan Flavors: Peach, and Vanilla Honey. The Crystal Vegan Flavor, that is literally crystal clear, is a new and incredible product.

After trying many other lip balms, and chapstick products I always got the same result: annoyance do to oily residue on the fingers from regular lip balm tins, and overly waxy residue from chapsticks. And not to mention it is increasingly difficult to find a natural lip product, that does not contain beeswax, for a good price, but now look no further thanks to EOS.

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EOS has made buying a high quality, healthy product easy with each balm being on average $4.99, whereas some all natural competitors are $6 or more. It is no wonder that the elegant Crystal Vegan lip balm flavor sold out so fast when it was first released, see this.

Now i will no longer have to search for an all natural, and wax free product at expensive stores like whole foods; it’s as easy as visiting the drug store.

It is truly great having a quality vegan, all natural product so easily available. Through the release of this new product EOS has truly shown just how innovative they really are; but they have also opened the door to a whole new market of vegan consumers. Brilliant move, refer also to

I really enjoy the lip balm, but I also enjoy EOS (also known as Evolution Of Smooth)as a company. Evolution Of Smooth continues to prove their worth through not only the stylistic, innovative, and appealing designs of their products, but also the consideration of their products as a whole. All of their products are all natural, organic, gluten free, cruelty free, and now, vegan. This is a company I truly feel like i can believe in. With the thought and care they put into each product for the consumer, like me, they have won my trust.

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Shopping for the New EOS Vegan Crystal Lip Balm

If you have officially joined the EOS lip care movement, then you understand why the company fought so hard to make changes in the world of lip care. In case you haven’t joined the team, it is time to try out the many products that the Evolution of Smooth has been putting out for their clients across the country says EOS is a company which was founded on the belief that change is one of the best things that can happen to any niche. They managed to redesign lip balm, add color and elegance to the packaging and transform the process of applying lip balm into an utterly satisfying and enticing process. The company got a major boost when stars such as Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift started using their products and fell in love with them.

Well, there is something new for you this winter from EOS. In case you are a vegan, or you just need to test something new from these experts, you should try the vegan crystal lip balm. Buy here now! The product is created from the best ingredients including Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Sunflower Oil, avocado and coconut oil. These are put together to ensure that your lips are moisturized and soft at all times. Then, there are the two flavors, the Hibiscus Peach and the Vanilla Orchid, which make the product an absolute delight.

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What is even more enticing about the new flavor is that the shape of the packaging has changed from the traditional spherical containers to a new and sleek pyramid shape. This change is also made better by the fact that the lip balm contains absolutely no wax and will therefore not leave behind that gross waxy feeling after application. What are you waiting for? Grab a piece of this amazing product and forget cracked lips for good.

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New Pumpkin Spice EOS lip balm

EOS lip balm just released a brand new flavor of balm called Pumpkin Spiced Lip Balm. The balm is a limited edition flavor for the holiday season. EOS has produced many amazing flavors in the past and has once again created a tasteful balm. The Pumpkin Spiced flavor from EOS can only be purchased in a bundle. The bundle is called the Holiday Lip Balm Duo. The package comes with two EOS lip balm pods, one of which is the Pumpkin Spiced flavor. The other pod in the bundle is an organic vanilla bean balm. The bundle itself is selling out quick, so be sure to act fast if you are interested. The package is going for $6 each!

For anyone who isn’t familiar with Evolution of Smooth or EOS for short, they are the company behind the EOS lip balm. EOS has created a new way to use lip care products based on Makers of the product decided it was no longer necessary to use boring old lip care products. They wanted to make a product that was fun to use and appealing to consumers. Through this, came the EOS lip balm pod. The pod is a spherical, colorful ball that encases the lip balm. The look of the pod is very sleek and appealing. The top unscrews and reveals the balm itself. The balm is a spherical shape, and has an amazing taste and smell. Since the release of the product, EOS has had an enormous amount of sales. The pod has become the new, better way to use lip care products. Celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian have even been spotted carrying one of these fashionable pods around. The traditional pod went for around $5 and could be found in most major retailers like Walmart or Target, check this out!

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Why Fabletics is eclipsing its Competitors

When it comes to market analysis and responding to consumer trends, Fabletics is leading the pack in the fashion industry. In fact, Fabletics is one of the few athleisure brands using the review-centric marketing approach. The company is customer-centered, and so is a review-centric approach to marketing.

Review-centric marketing strategy is at the heart of digital marketing. The strategy considers modern consumers and their appetite to read reviews about a product or service before making a purchase decision. Since most brands now offer their merchandise through the internet, reviews mainly ‘user reviews” have become part and parcel of the e-commerce business.

Research carried out by BrightLocal, a UK based SEO firm, affirms that a majority of the surveyed people—84 percent—trust online reviews. In fact, the trust those people have on user reviews is comparable to the confidence they develop in product or service that has been recommended by someone they know. According to BrightLocal, the number of people that trust online reviews has been increasing every year that the survey has been conducted.

Peter Holten Mühlmann, CEO of Trustpilot, echoes the sentiments of BrightLocal. The CEO of the Danish firm states that modern consumers, unlike in the generations before, are averse to traditional marketing and advertising. Mühlmann further says that user reviews provide the much-needed feedback regarding a product or a service. According to him, user reviews provide safety to consumers as they can only purchase products or service that have positive reviews and shun those with negative reviews; consequently, the probability of acquiring a high-quality product/service goes up. Mühlmann concludes by advising firms to take advantage of this understanding of modern consumers.

Thanks to the review-centric marketing approach, Fabletics which was founded four years ago is on its way to becoming the leading athleisure brand. Presently, the company ships its merchandise to international destinations such as the UK, Germany, France, Australia, etc. Two years ago, the Fabletics announced that it had shipped over one million orders. Fabletics has introduced not only men’s athleisure clothing line but also non-athleisure clothing such as dresses. As Fabletics expanded, so did the number of paying members and revenues which are now reported to be over one million and $235 million respectively. Analysts conclude that the overall growth that the company has witnessed over the four years is in excess of 200 percent.

Fabletics is associated with Kate Hudson, Don Ressler, and Adam Goldenberg. The three settled on starting an activewear company in 2013 that focuses on two things: quality and price. The three wanted to offer high-quality clothing at lower prices than the prices offered by their competitors. So far they have managed to appeal to thousands of consumers.

The trend of personalized products/services is gaining traction in America and Fabletics has not been left behind. The company strives to offer personalized clothing to its consumers. To this end, the company encourages its consumers to take a “Lifestyle Quiz’’ which leads to the identification of Fabletics’ gear that suit their needs.

Getting Bold and Beautiful with Lime Crime Unicorn Hair

Unicorns are making a comeback this season, and it’s not just in your favorite frappuccino. Whimsical beauty brand Lime Crime has just debuted Unicorn Hair—a semi-permanent dye with the power to transform your hair into something truly enchanting, or at least beautifully and brightly colored.


Let’s be real though: veterans of neon-hued hair know that it can be tough in not only achieving, but maintaining vividly colored tresses. How many have dyed their hair a lush mermaid teal, only to find themselves sporting a dull shade of “fish tank green” just a few washes later? Not to mention the worry of staining the sinks when you’re done. For as cool as it looks, there are challenges to having colorful hair.


Despite the dye-drama, Lime Crime Unicorn hair color stacks up pretty well. Surprisingly, the company claims its shades are formulated to “fade out gracefully”; and while it’s always best to make friends with dry shampoo and sulfate free hair care products to keep any multicolored hue looking vibrant, it’s great to have some extra leeway with the up-keep. Beach days in the sun and surf, or washing your hair more often for a new pastel look, without the possibility of being stuck with a washed out “do” until the next dye-job sounds heavenly.


Even more heavenly though are the names. With colors called “Bunny”, “Jello”, “Neon Peach”, and “Pony”, it’s tempting to want to try a shade out just to snag some of that bold attitude for yourself. The dye is made with only vegan products, also, so no harsh chemicals and you won’t wind up staining anything save for your strands, of course. Lime Crime also applauds its “unicorns” (as they affectionately refer to their clients) who mix different colors to create their own signature hue. The company’s website has even posted some fun recommendations as to which shades you might want to try mixing. Unique colors, ripe for creative combinations, with minimal upkeep? Now that’s magical.

The High Pigmented and Matte Velvetines

The beauty world appears to be going through a love affair with matte lip colors. The more popular matte lip colors are bold red and wine hues. Some people are even getting matte nude lipstick and other matte lip colors that ate more eye catching and different than the typical. The different than the typical makeup company is the Lime Crime cosmetics brand.


Lime Crime creates some of the most vibrant and colorful makeup that is available in the world of online beauty businesses. The company primarily is known for their beautiful lip colors. They have a variety of different lip color types that they sell. They carry Unicorn lipstick, Perlees, Matte Velvetines, Metallic Velvetines, and sparkling Diamond Crushers.


The Velvetines are the matte lip color of your innermost beauty life dreams. They have a high pigmentation that fully covers lips with a gorgeous mattifying effect. The lip colors come in black, deep purples, pinks, greys, beiges, sea green, blues, and reds. The Velvetine lip colors were especially created to mimic the appearance of a rose petal. A rose petal has a clearly matte look to it. Your lips will resemble the same matte and highly pigmented look of a rose petal when you wear Velvetines lip colors.


One of the newer Velvetines is called Dream Girl. Dream Girl is a beautiful deep cranberry color. It has a dramatic and beautifully luscious cranberry color. Dream Girl is the perfect lip color for a variety of makeup looks. The matte Velvetines color can be used for work makeup, casual makeup, date night makeup, and other event makeup looks. If you pick up the Dream Girl Velvetines lip color for yourself, you can pick it up from the Lime Crime online based store. All of the other Velvetines are also available on the online store.

Don Ressler: The Survival Of A Trend

In fashion, there are many trends that come and go. While a lot of people want to stay on top of the trends, there are some that are sad to see a certain trend go. However, there are some trends that are here to stay. These become classical styles. For one thing, many of the classical and established styles that are considered timeless were once trends. One thing that is certain is that there is no predicting what trends are going to go and what trends are going to stay. Perhaps the one aspect about whether a trend stays or dies out is how versatile or adaptable it is.

One trend that has finally solidified itself is the athleisure trend. While many people may have thought that these types of clothes are only going to be trends and that they will eventually die out and leave active wear in its regular state, there are people that have seen how athleisure has taken off. As a matter of fact, the numbers and records show that the trend is now established. Therefore, one can expect more in the style of athleisure. The designs of the clothing were carefully thought out, and the customers really enjoyed the clothing.

Don Ressler and his company Fabletics are some of the factors that solidified athleisure as a style. For one thing, he has shown that style is more carefully thought out than a trend. For one thing, he has shown that there is a balance between function and aesthetics that must be met so that it could have a lasting effect on people. Also, trends tend to be not so carefully thought out. People who follow trends will find themselves behind because trends are changing one day to the next.

Ressler understands the wastefulness of trying to keep up with every trend. He instead goes for clothes that he himself likes, and he encourages other people to as well. He knows that there is a reason why he likes the clothes that he likes. He knows what fits well on him. Also, women that know what works for them are not going to get too caught up in trends.

Armani Designer Fashion Will Become Fur-Free


The Armani clothing brand has decided to no longer use fur in its clothing collections. Beginning with their fall 2016 collection, fur will no longer be on display. The company plans to use synthetic alternatives to fur in its designs.

Armani is the latest designer to give up fur as a fabric. Other designers have also chosen to avoid fur use. Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss and Tommy Hilfiger have previously decided to stop using real fur in their products. Stella McCartney is a designer who has always used alternatives to fur in her clothing lines. She also avoids using leather, feathers or other animal products.

It was previously believed that fur represented luxury. In reality, real fur can be very inexpensive to acquire. Some high-quality fake fur alternatives can cost more than the real thing. Advancements in the production of synthetic fur have made using it preferable to using animal-derived fur. The best faux furs are realistic enough to be indistinguishable from real fur.

Giorgio Armani switched to faux fur after an agreement with the Fur Free Alliance and the U.S. Humane Society. The Fur Free Alliance is a collection of 40 animal welfare agencies from around the world. Their members come from 28 countries. The Fur Free Alliance chairman Joh Vinding said Armani’s announcement “makes it clear that designers and consumers can have creative freedom and luxury, all without supporting animal cruelty.”

The latest fashion styles can be found at JustFab. This is an online retailer that offers discounts to VIP members. They have gorgeous styles of boots, shoes, handbags, jewelry and clothing. Members can shop via their personalized boutiques, current trends or by full-look collections. After joining VIP membership, the first item ordered is 20 percent off.

JustFab also offers a reward program where shoppers can earn points for every dollar spent. The membership is a monthly subscription service, but any month can be skipped. The membership can also be canceled at any time. Monthly fees can also be saved as credits to be used in the future. JustFab has millions of happy members of their service.

Fabletics Gets Recognized by Elle Magazine

Fabletics is a hot new workout clothing line that is getting a lot of buzz in the industry today. This is a clothing brand that has come along and caught a lot of consumers off guard. Many critics did not expect the brand to do as well as it has, but much of the success for this company has come from the sheer dedication of one of the co-founders.

Kate Hudson has done a great job in becoming the face of the Fabletics brand. She has taken it upon herself to market this company in a way that she believes will be beneficial to other young and middle-aged women that are interested in athletic clothing.

It helps to have lots of friends in the industry entertainment that are praising this brand. It also is good to have a consumer base it expands outside of the United States. So far Fabletics has expanded beyond the Internet with brick and mortar stores.

Elle magazine as highlighted some of the clothing that Kate is interested in. It has also given readers an inside look at what helped start the company. These various elements that have played a very important part in the growth of this organization over the years. Many people have become interested in what Kate is doing with the brand because it is new and exciting. Tons of women just have never seen the type of stylish workout gear that Kate has presented to consumers. She has a filled what has been a long time for years in the clothing industry.

People that come to the Fabletics website can see that she is very much a hands-on business leader that believes in modeling many of the garments herself. It shows that she believes in the brand, and that she is actually one of her own best customers.

The website is really helping this brand catch the attention of people that are considering working out for the first time. The new stores that are coming are going to also play a big part in helping those that want to try on the clothing before they buy.

The revenue streams for this company are very impressive, and a lot of this revenue is a result of the subscription service that a lot of customers are signing up for. It allows people to get special picks on various garments that are offered by Fabletics.
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