Why Are Evolution of Smooth’s Lip Balm Flavors The Best

When it come to things that are mass produced in today’s society, many products come to mind especially lip balm. Unfortunately all lip balms aren’t created the same. Many brands use nasty chemicals in their ingredients which can cause irritation to some people. Also these brands may have basic flavors that are just straight up synthetic and unnatural. It’s time to throw away those unhealthy, artificial lip balms and join the revolution which is the evolution of smooth.

EOS Has The Best Flavors?

That’s a correct statement when being compared to the rest of the competition. Evolution of Smooth not only have the average everyday flavors, but many blended flavors that leave a nice subtle taste. One of the hottest flavors from this brand is EOS Lemon Twist. The lemon isn’t too strong or too weak, which is what plagues other brands. Users will experience an energetic and delightful flavor that can last for longer periods of time. Being a natural product, this zesty lemon flavor is safe to use throughout the day as much as you need it.  Follow EOS on facebook.com

Another big seller is Fresh Grapefruit. Unlike the zesty tang of Lemon Twist, Fresh Grapefruit has a more subtle organic taste. Just having that sweet fruity flavor on your lips seem to spark your senses to a degree. These two products are from (EOS‘s) Active Protection Lip Balm Collection. Benefits are SPF 30 Protection, Water Resistant, Shea Butter, Jojoba Essential Oil, and is Gluten Free.

Check out more information at evolutionofsmooth.ca  Maybe you’d like to try these flavors also:

  • Coconut Milk
  • Wildberry
  • Medicated Tangerine
  • Cherry
  • Passion Fruit
  • Summer Fruit
  • Watermelon
  • Raspberry Pomegranate
  • Blackberry Nectar

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EOS Flavor Collectibles

The flavors of EOS lip balms are as varied as the colors that the product comes packaged in. They are fun and taste wonderful. Some are even a great replacement for lipstick as they have a hint of color and shimmer.

The basics are the originals. They are simple, but they are also perfect just as they are for everyday use. The coconut milk flavor is one of the best flavors. It is pretty as well. The pink color with swirls around it. It’s simple, colorful and tastes great.

Each one of the choices were mastered by EOS, the Evolution of Smooth. They explored varied ways of enticing people with the scents in the lip balm. It’s addictive for the buyer to keep coming back for more. Some even collect them as fans. The best collectibles for flavors are the holiday releases. They come with special packaging and sometimes even contain a new release flavor. These are hugely popular for their collectivity and for the discounted price that they have. Others are so collectible that they sell for enormous amounts of money on auction sites.  For details, check on walmart.com.

The most popular collectible to date was the Holiday collection that recently sold on an auction site for $49.99. The price is obviously above the expectation. Who would ever have thought that a simple egg shaped lip balm could pull in so much attention. Like the Beanie Babies of the 90’s, the EOS lip balm colorful egg spheres are the “it” thing to have.

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The future for EOS lip balm is bright. Perhaps a shiny light with chopsticks, but what flavor could it be? There are so many options, it’s amazing. One thing for sure though is that the EOS products are fabulous to collect and offer a great way to protect your lips, get some color on them and have fun. Read more about EOS, follow EOS lip balm on their facebook.com page.

More of EOS on https://www.evolutionofsmooth.de/



EOS Has the Best Flavors

Flavors are some of the best parts of lip balm. You might be wondering what makes EOS lip balms flavors the best. The short answer, they have so many flavors.

Organic Smooth Spheres

This set of flavors are the first ones you will probably run into. These flavors are alos the most common ones and some of the best ones you will find.

Passion Fruit

This flavor is a mix between a sweet fruit and a mild lip balm. This EOS lip balm is great for those that want a different kind of sweet flavor.

Strawberry Sorbet

This one is also a sweet fruit that has only a small amount of flavors. It gives you a long lasting flavor that feels great on the lips.

Visibly Soft

This line is a great start if you have lips that are a little chapped and needs some extra care. There aren’t as many flavors with this one, but they are good still.

Vanilla Mint

This flavor is great if you want a little sweet with your minty flavor. It gives you a tingly clean feeling while still smelling and tasting great.

Coconut Oil

This flavor is still sweet, but not as much as some of the other flavors. It gives a hint of flavor while still helping you lips.

Blackberry Nectar

This flavor gives more sweet than the others while still being soft on the lips and helping them to heal.

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There are a ton of flavors on the market today. These are just a few to help you get started.  Also, try visiting EOS on their facebook.com page. You should try more than one if you aren’t sure about what flavor you will like the best. This way you will get what you want and you will be happy with your purchase. What are you waiting for? Give EOS a try, click douglas.de and place an order now.

For Info, visit their website at https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/lip-balm.html


EOS Visibly Smooth, Organically Made

EOS Lip Balm has been a premier choice in lip balm since it’s inception in 2006. It’s unique shape and variety of flavors has made this lip balm skyrocket to the second most popular brand of lip balm today.

Evolution of Smooth was created by Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller, after deciding that the lip balm industry was due for an upgrade. After holding interviews and gathering information from lip balm customers, they discovered a few interesting facts. One fact was that women were the primary users of lip balm, secondly, women often times complained that traditional tube shaped lip balm was often times lost in their handbags. Many women liked the concept of pot lip balm containers, but found that having to use their fingers to get the balm out was unsanitary.  To keep updated with EOS, follow them on facebook.com.

After gathering information, Mehra and Teller set out to create a lip balm that was not only unique, but fun to use as well. EOS prides itself in using organic, natural ingredients which are found in all their varieties of flavors.

Vanilla mint is a popular flavor of the balm, and it offers shea butter and vitamins C and E in the ingredients. The mint is cooling and the vanilla is a familiar warm flavor. These flavors combined glide on smoothly and clear over the lips for a softness that is felt all day long. Found in the familiar orb shape, vanilla mint comes in a blue and cream swirl orb to distinguish it from other flavors. For details, be sure to click on douglas.de.

EOS lip balm in vanilla mint is sure to add a wonderful flavor combination to your lip balm repertoire that last all day long. For more about EOS, visit their website here.

For additional info, hit https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/lip-balm.html.


The Revolution For The Evolution of Smooth Oral Care Products

The lip balm industry is thriving as of late thanks to the many brands whom deliver high quality products. Just about any retailor carries lip balms and some areas in these stores have a whole section roped off just for oral care items. Have you ever hear of “Evolution of Smooth?” If you haven’t heard then you must have been living under a rock over the past few years. Evolution of Smooth id dominating the competition now days thanks to it’s extraordinary oral care products. The brand specializes in lip balms, but these lip balms have something special within their DNA.

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Evolution of Smooth gives you flavors, flavors, and more flavors. Unlike other brands that tend to only give the consumer a few flavors, (EOS) offers some of the very best infused flavors on the market. Sweet Mint gives the user a sweetness that is refreshing and minty. This flavor personifies the essence of sweetness as it will provide the mouth with the moisture it craves. You can use these products consistently since they come from a natural source. By pertaining no artificial parabens and sulfates, users won’t have to worry about any frustrating side effects. These wonderful lip balms are far superior to the competitors who tend to use harmful chemicals in their formulas. EOS offer consumers medicated tangerine, strawberry sorbet, blueberry acai, lemon drop, vanilla mint, vanilla bean, honeysuckle honeydew, pomegranate raspberry, and watermelon wonderlandCheck walmart.ca.

The brand has a huge social media presence as well, which translates into more sales. It has over 700,000 followers on Instagram and another 161,000+ followers on Twitter. One Facebook photo of it’s pink lip balm product and it generated 44,000 likes, see facebook.com. Evolution of Smooth is breaking all barriers and it’s leading by example.

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