A Glimpse Into Heather Parry’s Work

Heather Parry is well known as the president of Live Nation Productions. She has been involved with various projects, and Parry’s success continues to grow as Live Nation Productions becomes involved with A Star Is Born. Once she heard about A Star Is Born, she knew she had to be involved in some way. It didn’t take her long before jumping on the phone with Bradley Cooper’s agent, Dave Bugliari, pitching to him the attributes Live Nation could bring to A Star Is Born; including various ways to market the film such as venues, festivals and tours. One thing lead to another and before she knew it, she was at a dinner party at Bill Gerber’s house for Martha Stewart and while everyone else was delving in to recipes with Martha, she was in the corner pitching A Star Is Born to Bill.

Parry’s success all started back in January of 2016. She had only been the president of production with Live Nation for two weeks when Colin Hanks mentioned considering documenting the Eagles of Death Metal’s return to Paris in February, which followed a terrorist attack that happened back at the band’s concert in November of 2015. Parry jumped right at the opportunity offering to go and fund it. Colin was insistant he call her Monday instead, as it was her birthday. Once Monday came, she said, “Let’s go.” And they were off to Paris. On October 9, Eagles of Death Metal: Nos Amis, ended up being nominated for two Critics Choice Awards. This of course took a different kind of significance after following the Route 91 Harvest music festival in Las Vegas mass shooting, which Live Nation co-owns.

Before joining Live Nation, Parry spent over a dozen years with MTV, beginning at age 21 and was involved with Happy Madison Productions. She ended up leaving Happy Madison on a Friday and became a part of the Live Nation family by Monday. After years of working with either the film industry or the music industry, she has finally found a place that she can combine both passions. Her future plans are to continue to combine the music and film industry and create project similar to Eagles of Death Metal: Nos Amis and bring more music artists to the big screen.