How Ricardo Tosto Makes a Big Difference

Between the hard work he puts in the business and the opportunities he gives to all his clients, Ricardo Tosto knows what it means to offer different things from any other attorneys. He spent his career learning about how to help clients and knew there were things that would show him the right way to do everything. As long as Ricardo Tosto knew how helping people would work, he also knew things would keep getting better for him. There were times when Ricardo Tosto knew what he needed to do to make a difference and that’s what allowed him the chance to keep giving back to the community. When people came to him, they knew what to expect. Most realized they could get more from Ricardo Tosto than they could from anyone else who was able to help them.

Thanks to the good reputation he built for himself, Ricardo Tosto relies on the referrals that come from other sources. He also tries showing people how they have a chance to try different things. Ricardo Tosto likes people to see the positive part of everything he has to offer. He also likes when others have a chance to enjoy the benefits he created for them. As an attorney, it’s his goal of giving back that motivates his clients to keep working hard and getting more from everything he offers them. It’s also his way of showing people that thing don’t always have to stay the same.

As people began seeing everything Ricardo Tosto offered them, they continued relying on him as their legal counselor. He’s an excellent attorney who knows what the clients want. He focuses on getting clients the help they need and that leads to everything working for him. There are times when Ricardo Tosto spends most of his career learning about the opportunities to give people what they want. It’s his goal of giving that allows him the chance to keep showing everyone that things will always be better. As an attorney, he knows this helps people see they have a chance at a better future no matter the issues they face.

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Jim Tananbaum Greatest Achievements

Jim Tananbaum is one of the business people who has been successful and has good education background whereby he got a B.S.E.E and a B.S from Yale University. Furthermore, he as well went to MS from Harvard Medical School and an MBA from Harvard business school and lastly from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and got MS. His commitment enabled him to be chosen as the president of Yale Advisory Council and also a board of member at Harvard-MIT HSR program.

Jim Tananbaum in the investment, businessman and health care he has more than 25 years of experience hence enabling a lot of clients searching for him for his services. He is the founder of Foresite Capital. His responsibility in the financial sector is to assist individuals in the health care center to make a better choice. He as well as the Chief Architect of Foresite Capital Investment Organization. His organization which he manages are prosperous because of the exceptional skill that he has hence he is known all over the world.

As the main founder of Foresite Capital, he as well is the co-founder of numerous biopharmaceutical organizations and also other top health care organization. When he graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University, Jim Tanabaum decides to establish GelTex Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: GENX). The organization was able to attain $80 million these is because of the two drugs that made hence enabling the organization to develop rapidly and was able to sell it for a total of $1.6 billion in 1998. Jim as well acted as the as the CEO and the co-founder of Theravance whereby he ensured that the organization provides better services to their clients. Furthermore, when he was the organization he partnered Theravance Inc and Innovative (NASDAQ: INVA) hence they attained a total of $3.2 billion these shows how they were committed to the work they did in both organization.

In addition, he also acted as the founding partner at Prospect Venture Partners II and III and a partner at Sierra Ventures. Mostly his main role is to create better health care investment development services to the community hence changing people lives.

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David Giertz, a Lead Financial Advisor

There is an immense need for financial firms to create awareness to their clients about social security. David Giertz says that the financial advisors are avoiding the topic because the social security handbag is a complex docket with over 2700 rows and therefore is not easy to comprehend it. Despite being complex, he suggests that the most important thing is to have a basic understanding and confidence around all the rows. As the president of Nationwide Financial Sales and Distribution, he collaborated with the Nationwide Financial Retirement Institute in carrying out a consumer survey with the aim of gathering customer feedback on the topic of social security. According to the survey on, 4 out of 5 retirees said that they would soon change their advisor because they are not offering advice on matters of social security.

For advisors to retain their clients on, there is the immense need for them to take the customer’s interest at heart. The main reason to consider this is because advisors are part of the customer’s income retirement plan and social security contributes up to 40 % of the income. Turning social security too early may result in the client losing up to $12,000 a year. The advisor’s help is thus crucial.

David Giertz, also known as Dave, is a global business leader with over 30 years working experience in the field of financial services. Other than being the president of NFS Distributors Inc., he is an industry arbitrator at FINRA and a board of trustee at Millikin University, the institution where he did his bachelor’s degree. For a span of 12 years, Dave has been holding the president’s office in the different financial organizations that he has worked with.

In readiness for his career, David Giertz pursued a degree in Business administration and management and later furthered with the same at the MBA level. His key skills include retirement planning, mutual funds as well as financial services. David Giertz is a lead financial advisor with tremendous knowledge in the financial matters.

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George Soros: The Solution Within a Conflict

As a well known business magnate and philanthropist, George Soros has reached the apex of the business world. His persuasion and understanding of global economy has allowed him to create a sense of monetary influential power amongst himself and his ideas. World leaders and citizens of many countries have mixed opinions of George Soros, but he remains a consistent voice in copious issues regarding the world. Although people believe several of his ideas may be ludicrous or entirely absurd, he continues to promote his ideas due to his self-confidence. His supporters understand his objective to market his strategies and his willingness to create a stabilized global economy.

George is an innovator in regards to the European Unions assistance within Ukraine and it’s resistance of Russian power. He believes the European Union should place the Ukrainian crisis at the top of it’s priority list. However, the European Union will not fully commit to the Ukrainian effort because they do not wish to engage with Russia unpeacefully. George Soros Ukraine has objected that if the European Union modified their regulations there would be sufficient funding to assist Ukraine, but the European Union continues to withhold a ginormous surplus of unused funds for countries already established in the Union. The European Union is more content with sanctioning Russia instead of providing more assistance to Ukraine. These actions by the European Union leave Soros dumbfounded because he is convinced his strategies will be more useful and provide greater results for Ukraine and the EU.

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Ukraine & Europe: What Should Be Done?

George Soros – Project Syndicat

Soros advocates that supporting the new Ukraine instead of allowing it to retract to it’s unstabilized state is vital. He claims that Ukraine is the European Union’s most important asset, and if Ukraine is to falter Europe will be faced with another mass of refugees looking for a sanctuary. Saving Ukraine would not only help Ukraine, but the entire European Union. The EU needs to protect itself from Russia, and Soros believe’s Ukraine is the key to safety. This safety does not only include the citizens of Europe, but the economy and state of politics with the European Union.

Overall, George Soros is an idealist who places his ideas on the table and promotes himself in an unprecedented manner. His ideas are incomparable and well mannered. Some people around the world see him as a greedy monopolist, but when there is a crisis Soros will always provide the world with his proposed resolution to the conflict. The choices made by the European Union have not currently resolved the issues in Ukraine, and Ukraine is constantly looking for answers. A Soros solution would provide stability and another step towards peace that the citizens of Ukraine deserve.

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Is China’s Great Recession in the Works?

On April 20, George Soros repeated his recent warnings of possible trouble in the Chinese financial system. Essentially, Soros sees striking similarities between the way China is using debt to power continued growth and the events of 2007 and 2008.

This isn’t an encouraging thought for either Chinese or international business people and companies. The Great Recession on led to millions of job losses, a real estate industry at a virtual standstill, and a banking system that for a time was in real danger of collapse. Nevertheless, we need to listen to George Soros. Anyone who has made $24 billion playing the markets has to be taken seriously.

The Chinese have been borrowing to finance economic growth for years. All advanced countries do. So what is it about China today that is so alarming? According to George Soros, it’s the degree of borrowing. China’s economy is growing, but the country is borrowing at a rate that is not sustainable. In March, 2016, total debt grew by 2.34 trillion yuan, or $362 billion. By contrast, Bloomberg projections had estimated borrowing of just 1.4 trillion yuan. Equally alarming, most of this borrowed money did not go into new capital or property. Instead, it was used to shore up bad debts or keep unprofitable credit amounts on the books.

Chinese policy makers on insist that structural reforms will prevent catastrophe. They are expecting a gradual cooling off of the economy, or “soft landing.” Soros says China is more likely to experience a hard landing.

George Soros is an American of Jewish and Hungarian descent. He began building his financial empire in the 1950s. Making his base in New York, Soros guided his hedge fund to an average annual return of about 20 percent from 1969 to 2011. In one famous incident, he bet Britain would have to devalue the pound in the 1990s. When George Soros turned out to be right, he virtually broke the Bank of England and made about a billion dollars.

When Soros isn’t making money on the world’s markets, he is a prolific author. He is also an active philanthropist. Among other causes, he supports Latino voting rights in the United States and helping the migrants now moving to the European Union.

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A World Wide Organization Gives Back

In a world that often seems riddled with violence, there is a reason for the population to know about CSR organizations that live the reality of Corporate Social Responsibility, and give back to society. QNet, known as one of Asia’s top direct selling role models, continues its human interest efforts in partnership with Lion’s Club International. Their joint efforts allow QNet to deliver clean drinking water and sanitation facilities to over 800 school aged children.

As a humble member of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) Network, and joined with Lion’s Club, QNet echoes the mantra, “Raise Yourself To Help Mankind, RYTHM. The largest organization in the corporate sustainability initiative world is UNGC, and its goal for this massive project aims to provide a set of properly maintained water supply, sanitation education and installations, and hygienic facilities in Third World and impoverished countries.

QNET-WE CARE is also in India where it is on of the CSR initiatives of QNET that supports the underprivileged in such areas as the health of destitute adults and victims of natural disasters. In conjunction with Lions Dist. 317 F Service Foundation, QNET-WE CARE supplied relief to families caught in the floods and presented them with the badly needed kits of staples and household goods.

To assist special needs children at the Vijayaratnam Foundationa’s Taarana School, the staff at QNet’s Hong Kong office held their first CSR event. This unique event raised money by cooking and selling and an incredible variety of treats and delicious drinks. The staff prepared the desserts and refreshments while the Directors and other officers of the company personally delivered the mouth-watering cuisine. From the top on down, QNet is dedicated to returning to the community and helping those who need a hand up.

QNet offers a range of products that include Swiss Timepieces and Jewelry, personal care products, health and wellness, online technology, and vacation packages to exotic places. They also sponsor sports across the world, including football and badminton, as part of their commitment to health and that teamwork drives success. They recently signed a contract with Manchester City Football Club (MCFC), as its official direct selling partner for what is now three years.

If the world were a perfect place, Corporate Social Responsibility could trust all businesses to do their part in providing for the well-being of unfortunate individuals. In the meantime, companies such as QNet not only offer a means of building a financial status, but also provides hope for the future of the world. For more information about QNet, please visit their website.

China To Impose Value-Added Tax On Financial Sector

For the first time ever, a six percent value-added tax will supplant a five percent business tax in China, in an effort to lower the tax burden. In a report to the current parliament, Premier Li Keqiang remarked, “Business tax will be replaced with value-added tax in all sectors.”

China will unleash an aggressive value-added tax which will embrace the financial sector. The deductions for the value-added tax will be for stationary property which will guarantee all tax burden is reduced nationwide.

The value-added tax will be May 1, 2016, Lachlan Wolfers, KPMG China director of indirect taxes commented, “This is a significant and positive development as China will have one of the most progressive VAT systems in the world.”

Interest from consumer and business loans will be subjected to the value-added tax, as China becomes the one of the first countries initiating widespread taxation on the financial sector. The Chinese government believes their initiative will succeed, despite the fact there is no precedence. Years of theory and research by the European Union was unable to show a workable model for financial sector value-added taxes.

“To the best of our knowledge, there are only one or two relatively small economies in the world that have even tried this,” according to Lachlan Wolfers. Lancers believes after witnessing the success China will have with its financial sector value-added tax, the world will hail China and follow suit.

China admits there will be issues for businesses during the value-added tax transition. It assures its citizens and businesses that the value-added tax will offer a more streamlined, contemporary system. Tax collections will improve and will make tax evasion more difficult. China has already implemented value-added taxes on other sectors towards overhauling the taxation system.

A value-added tax system taxes the difference between the sale price charged to a customer, minus the cost of materials and other taxable inputs, and is collected at the point of sale, making it theoretically easier to collect than individual and corporate taxes in places where tax avoidance is commonplace, as in China.

Madison Street Capital, LLC of Chicago, Illinois is a worldwide banking and financial institution. Specializing in acquisitions and mergers, Madison Street Capital offers clients financial consultation, opinion, and advisories. A professional staff is knowledgeable in hedge and private equity funds, corporate funding, and assets administration.

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George Soros Suggestion of Germany Troubles Could Increase Gold Purchases

Billionaire George Soros has taken his warning of impending European Union (EU) economic collapse to Germany. Wise investors are preparing now by purchasing well-recognized, government-minted United States gold bullion coins. The clock may be ticking on the EU.

“German Iron Wall of Security”

When Greece needs more money, they call Berlin. The primary beneficiary of the euro creation has been Germany, because it makes its exports more affordable. Thus, George Soros’ comments about impending dangers to Germany must have been somewhat disconcerting.

Heretofore, Soros had spoken from afar at Davos, Switzerland. During an interview with German magazine Wirtschafts Woche, Gregor Peter Schmitz and George Soros explored the numerous crises facing Germany and the EU in 2016. Greece, Ukraine and even England (which was holding a vote on whether to remain in the EU) were all serious problems.

Unfortunately, troubles seem to be multiplying like rabbits and Soros doubts the EU can survive. Germans are already fed up with the continual requests for capital from Greece.

“When Danger Looms, Buy Gold”

George Soros is one of the most popular speakers on lecture tours because he delivers the cold, blunt truth. At Davos, Soros warned that the beginning of 2016 resembled the scary days of 2008. So what are investors doing to prepare for worsening economic conditions?

While stock exchanges fell at the beginning of 2016, gold prices increased. Central banks are preparing for the worst. “Since 2010, central banks have been net buyers of gold, and their demand has expanded rapidly, growing from less than two per cent of total world demand in 2010 to 14 per cent in 2014.”

“Gold Coins Weather Turmoil”

During the US Money Reserve Podcast, US Money Reserve President Philip Diehl discussed how gold coins could be used to protect your wealth. The United States Dollar is a paper bill that can lose its value dramatically, just like during Wiemar Republic hyperinflation. With government-issued gold bullion coins, you have something of intrinsic value.

US Money Reserve President Philip Diehl stated that the weight and purity of each American government-issued coin is guaranteed. Gold is nearly indestructible. In a pinch, you can sell the gold to a jeweler.

Geopolitical problems don’t magically solve themselves. Soros and Diehl have warned of dangerous economic troubles looming on the horizon. Wise investors are purchasing gold bullion coins to protect their wealth from any disaster – man-made or natural.


Madison Street Capital, Global Marketplace Visionaries

Starting or growing your business in our modern society can be a daunting task. In a segment on Today in America TV with Terry Bradshaw, he discusses the fact that business loans are harder to obtain because even well-rooted businesses have a hard time establishing credibility. Bradshaw explains that you can no longer just walk into a bank and walk out with an instant business loan or capital funds to keep your business healthy. In order to be competitive in the global marketplace, Bradshaw suggests that businesses turn to a third-party company to help stay ahead of the game. That company is Madison Street Capital.

Madison Street Capital, also known as MSC, is a company that specializes in financial advisory services including mergers and acquisitions. They help their clients by educating them on what drives the value of their businesses. They are willing to discuss with clients why their business fails or even fails to start. Most business men are reluctant to discuss success, much less failure these days. With that said, the type of transparency, tough love, and honesty that MSC offers to their clients is a rare commodity in today’s market place. Hearing what needs to be heard may be hard initially, but initiating proven solutions could be the saving grace for many businesses.

Have you ever had an outstanding idea for a business venture, but really don’t have all of the business know how to make that idea take off and be successful? Hiring a company like MSC would be beneficial because they are at the forefront of change and know what key services are available that you may not be aware of. They work with each client individually. They first learn about your particular business model and then become your strategic partner. This level of personalization leaves each client with the best possible solutions to their respective business issues.

Helping an individual or a CEO with business solutions is beneficial to the business, the individual or CEO, all the employees of that company, and their families. The effects of smart business solutions are wide-spread and long-term. So, it is a wise investment to work with professionals who have middle-market focus.