David Giertz Knows the Importance of Social Security Management for Retirees

Social security is not something that you can afford to ignore. These funds typically account for up to 40% of an American’s retirement funds. Advisers need to educate their customers about how to maximize their retirement funds.

Advisers often avoid the subject because of its complexity, there are over 2700 rules in the Social Security handbook. Advisers need to serve their clients by studying, understanding, and advising, their customers in regards to Social Security benefits. A seemingly small mistake or missed opportunity may cause problems for an individuals retirement.

Famed Financial adviser David Giertz believes that advisers need to instruct their clients on how to best use Social Security funds. His decades of financial industry experience gives him a unique insight into this topic. David Giertz feels, and is backed up by a Nationwide survey, that investors are becoming more savvy and will demand that their adviser have useful Social Security knowledge. If they don’t then the clients will begin to leave.

David Giertz has gained a wealth of useful experience in his thirty plus years of service. He has worked for some of the largest financial institutions in the world. He understands the financial world and, more than that, he can give clients a better understanding. His clients benefit from his insightful, and heavily evidence based, financial advice.

Financial adviser David Giertz has seen much in his impressive financial career. He understands that Social Security management is integral to every individual’s retirement strategy. He knows that customers are beginning to demand that their financial adviser is well versed in the complex rules and regulations and can help them achieve their retirement goals.