Susan McGalla and How She made it in the Male Dominated Business World

Susan McGalla is an accomplished American business woman and director of strategic planning and growth for Pittsburgh Steelers. She is also the founder of P3 consulting firm, former president of the American eagle outfitters and immediate former CEO of Wet Seal Inc. As an accomplished female leader and entrepreneur she has gone against the odds to curve out a niche in this male dominated American business industry.
She was born and raised in East Liverpool, Ohio, along with his two brothers by their football coach father. Right from her childhood, she was exposed to male dominance but this didn’t hinder her leadership or entrepreneurial spirit. What it taught her is to be more aggressive while reaching for her goals without looking down on herself because of her gender.
Susan attended Mount Union College and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business and marketing. She has maintained contacts with this college to date and presently sits on its board of advisors. From school, she joined Joseph Horne Company where she started her career working in different marketing and managerial levels.
In 1994, she left Joseph Horne for the American Eagle Outfitters where worked as the merchandise buyer for women’s clothing. She rose through the managerial ranks to being named the Chief Merchandising officer and president of the company’s American brand. Later on, she was named the Chief Operating Officer and President of the entire company. She made history as the first female executive director and president of the corporation. This was a major milestone especially at a time when there was very few women involvement in business.
After leaving the eagle outfitters, Bizjournals’ Susan McGalla joined Wet Seal Inc as the Chief Executive Officer but left shortly after to start her own firm, P3 consultancy. This is a private consultancy firm that offers advice to the retail and financial investment companies. Just recently, she was appointed director at Pittsburgh Steelers.
Her success has been as a result of hard work, commitment, and innovativeness. Throughout her career, Susan’s leadership and organizational skills together with innovativeness plays out prominently and may be seen as a major contributor to her rapid success. For instance, while she was president of American Eagle Outfitters, she led the introduction of two fast selling brands, the 77kids and aerie.
Her success remains a motivation to the many women entrepreneurs new to the world of business or those preparing to start. She is a living testimony that presented with equal opportunities women too can achieve as much as their male counterparts. She encourages more women to join the business world and advices those already in business to act as mentors to one another if they hope to succeed.