Edward Honig One of the Few Cardiologists in New York City with Over Sixty Years of Experience

The field of medicine has many branches, and one of the busiest departments today is cardiology. It is because the lifestyle and the food habits of the people these days are causing millions of deaths each year due to cardiovascular disease. More or less, everyone knows or has heard of someone in their circle who have had a heart attack or has high blood pressure, and so on. A cardiologist would help in understanding what kind of lifestyle the patient leads and what are the cardiovascular problems that the patient may face in the future. If the patient is already suffering from symptoms like chest pain or shortness of breath, the cardiologist would suggest taking screening tests that would make the picture clear as to what is causing the symptoms and how intense is the cardiovascular problem.

Consulting a cardiologist is important these days to lead an active, fit, and healthy lifestyle. Even if you do not feel the presence of any symptoms, it is essential to consult cardiologists at regular intervals. It will help in finding out if everything is okay with your heart or if there is something that you need to worry about. Cardiologists can also perform coronary bypass surgery and can even perform angiogram and angiography.

There are many cardiologists in the New York City, but one of the top cardiologists that are trusted by hundreds and thousands of NYC residents is Edward Honig. Over the past seven decades of his practice, Edward Honig has saved hundreds of lives and helped many people lead a healthy and fit life while keeping cardiovascular diseases away. The field of medicine in New York is competitive as there are many cardiologists in the city, but not many cardiologists can boast of having close to seven decades of experience. It is where Edward Honig has an upper-hand over most of the cardiologists in the city. The best part is that even when he is ninety years old, Edward Honig continues to stay updated with the latest research and innovation in the field of medicine and uses the latest medications, research-based data, and medical updates, to treat his patients.

Edward Honig has done doctorate from the School of Medicine – Duke University and practices at the modern hospital in New York, Glen Cove Hospital. The best part about the treatment offered by Edward Honig is that he never gets aggressive with treatment and does a careful research of the present symptoms, family history, medical records, and more, to pinpoint the treatment that would get the desired outcome. Edward Honig is licensed to practice cardiology in New York and received his doctor license in the year 1952, which is a clear example of how highly experienced Edward Honig is. He uses the latest technology and research data to treat his patients and listens to them carefully to understand their lifestyle intimately and know from where the cardiovascular problems have come or would come in the future. It helps in taking preventive as well as corrective measures at the right time.