USHEALTH Group – One of the Top Insurance Providers in the United States

One of the most notable insurance companies in the United State’s health insurance market is USHEALTH Group. The company has been in the business for close to five decades and offers a broad range of insurance products that are aimed at individuals, enterprises, and families. With the insurance market undergoing a major transformation in the past few years, the company continues to evolve with modern times to offer highly targeted and efficient insurance products that are affordable, useful and provides better coverage than its counterparts. USHEALTH Group, earlier known as Ascent Assurance, has since its inception till now has sold insurance to more than 15 million customers in the United States, and the count keeps on increasing.


National Foundation Life Insurance Company and Freedom Life Insurance Company are the subsidiaries of USHEALTH Group with a network across the country through the agents and branch offices. These are the distribution agencies that help in promoting the insurance products of the USHEALTH Group across the length and breadth of the country. One of the reasons why USHEALTH Group has been able to come out at the top in the insurance industry is because the company firmly believes in giving customers choices. USHEALTH Group doesn’t have one size fits all ideology, and it doesn’t impose the same to its clients. At USHEALTH Group, the management understands that different people have different requirements when it comes to healthcare insurance. It is for this very reason why the insurance products of the USHEALTH Group can be personalized by the customers as per their requirements so that they do not end up overspending while getting the coverage options they never wanted in the first place.


USHEALTH Group ensures that the customers only get the coverage options they need without having to worry about the deductibles all the time to get the benefits. For employers looking to provide healthcare insurance to its employees, USHEALTH Group has various packages to choose from depending upon how comprehensive they want the healthcare insurance to be. Moreover, as mentioned before, the end product can be customized as per the preference, requirements, and the insurance budget of the client. The agents of the company are very helpful and would work with you to get you what you are looking for.


Some of the plans offered by USHEALTH Group are income protector, accident protector, PremierVision, MedGuard, PremierChoice, Life Protector, SecureDental, SecureAdvantage, general health insurance, critical illness insurance, disability income, vision plans, accident insurance, group insurance, family insurance, and more. The company won Gold for Business and Professional Excellence at the One Planet Awards in 2016. It also won the Gold Stevie Awards for the best customer and sales service at the 11th Gold Stevie Awards Ceremony. The company continues to innovate the insurance market with its affordable and productive portfolio of insurance products.