Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides Live The Good Life

From weekends in Napa Valley to private wine tasting events, Traveling Vineyard wine guides know how to do it right. On a recent trip to Napa Valley, the guides shared some of their favorite non-wine activities from learning more about everything related to olives to spending a relaxing day at the spa.

Similar to their professional lives, Traveling Vineyard wine guides are eager to share their knowledge with others. Napa Valley is home to some of the most highly regarding wine producers in the United States. The wines from this region are beloved the world over, and for good reason.

The private wine tasting events run by Traveling Vineyard wine guides are a great way to learn more about wine while spending time with friends in a relaxed atmosphere. Many wine enthusiasts throughout the country are the type of wine lovers that know what they like but are not sure why. Additionally, they may feel too intimidated to ask many questions of their local wine purveyor due to embarrassment. Enter the Traveling Vineyard wine guide. The entire business model stems from this reality and the company’s desire to change this reality. Learning about wine from a friend is a much easier proposition than the fear of being talked down to by a stranger. Wine guides can help their clients gain a greater understanding of the qualities of wine that they are drawn to, and how to find similar wines that they are likely to enjoy.

Traveling Vineyard has created a company that lets wine lovers learn more about wine and how it is made and make friends while doing so! The business model is set up as home-based opportunity to make extra money while doing something that is enjoyable. Many wine guides have found so much success that they have become wine guides on a full-time basis. The company is very supportive and the guides have formed a warm and welcoming community as evidenced by their extensive social media presence. To become a Traveling Vineyard wine guide you do not need to know anything in particular about the wine industry.

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