Chris Burch Keeps Transforming Every Trend He Touches

Chris Burch has lead the company which bears his name to great success so far, and Burch Creative Capital has certainly positioned itself well in the markets. So, he took some time to acquire a piece of the Indonesian island of Sumba for his children and convert a dwindling hostel into what is now considered by many to be one of the greatest hotels in the world. His recent interview with Ideamensch gave a lot of insight into where he has come from and where he is going.

The idea of Burch Creative Capital was the inspiration that had a lot to do with his stock trading expertise and experience which has been in play for over forty years.  Check for more reading.   Chris understands what it takes to get a business going from the ground up and decided to use that to help others who were setting out on a similar trajectory. Like many accelerators and similar programs, the idea is to bring to fruition some of the great ideas that just need a little boost to begin reaching their full potential.

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When asked about his preference towards a lot of the latest trends he suggests that people are quite often turning to living experiences rather than the chance to live with things. Such is the inspiration of the tiny house movement and Cocoon9 which is an upscale version of the prefabricated house agenda. There definitely seems to be a lot of growth potential still left in that arena, and when someone with the instinct and vision like Burch is looking at it optimistically, then there is a reason to take notice. Cocoon9 is of those high design and smart technology companies that he started to follow the trend.

The one strategy that he credits for helping him most with success in business is the ability to take risks when necessary. Read more about Burch on Groundbreaking moments practically require risks according to him, and it is something like in a chess game when the initiative can be pushed without completely being able to perfectly see every move to the finish. It is something of an instinct which has to be developed and then trusted when the time comes. There are likely to be failures along the way when there are so many chances being taken, but those have been handled well in Chris Burch’s case. There is still a lot to look forward to from him and his capital management firm.  Check this must-read interview of Burch on

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