Chris Burch’s Five Star Resort in Indonesia Becomes the World’s Best

Chris Burch has founded, co-founded, and invested in various internationally recognized retail brands with his close associates, C. Wonder and Tory Burch. However, he has now started to invest in hospitality. Chris focuses on the ideas that can move the world positively. He encourages his staff to think beyond the borders and conventional strategies.

While he has invested and pioneered many companies, Chris is moved by bumpy ideas. Ideas that do not necessarily follow conventional wisdom. In one of his investment frenzy, Chris uncovered a jewel by accident.

In 2012, Chris Burch and James McBride acquired a beach hotel in Sumba Island in Indonesia. They then spent $30 million to transform it into a five-star resort, which they named Nihiwatu in 2015. In 2016, Travel+leisure named the hotel the best in the world.  Check this on

In 2015, Burch told Business Jet Traveler that he had bought the hotel for his children as something to be conserved and returned to the community. He added that Nihiwatu turned into something greater than he expected.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Burch spends his time in Miami, the Hamptons, and Nihiwatu. There are 27 private villas in Nihiwatu. He has his own private home in the resort called Raja Mendaka, which has a main house and four extra villas with a private plunge pool each.

Nihiwatu, which means “mortar stone,” is found on the western side of Sumba Island. The hotel is nicknamed “The Edge of Wilderness.” A New Jersey couple previously owned the then beach hotel. Nihiwatu is now the biggest employer in Sumba Island. The hotel supports the local community by giving some of its profits to Sumba Foundation.

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Guests are also allowed in Raja Mendaka. Apart from the spacious entertainment area, its plunge pool provides an excellent view of Nihi Beach and the Indian Ocean. A bamboo bridge links the two two-story tree houses found in Nihiwatu.  More on

Visitors can enjoy beach spa, yoga, and surfing sessions. Burch and McBride are planning to make similar investments in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Hopefully, they will uncover more jewels. Check for additional article.

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