Fortress Investment Group expands its Investment

Fortress Investment Group along with other firms such as Graham Capital, Paloma Partners Starwood Capital, and Pershing Square Capital have shown their limitless effort to prevent mistreatment of children. They are determined to ensure the rights of children in New York City are not violated. The solid financial support from New York leading inventors greatly helped in mitigating risks, supporting the families and healing the emotionally wounded victims. They have uplifted self-esteem of the millions of kids and providing the conducive environment. They honored the director of Help for Children (HFC) for his kindness and selfless effort in raising awareness against child abuse. Read more on

Acquisition of Palm Beach Building

The acquiring of Palm Beach building by the Fortress Investment Group located in New York City has become the talk of the town. The firm is making a massive deal of recent. Having obtained recently by Softbank, an Asia multibillionaire company, it has is experienced tremendous growth. They are investing in building a high-speed railway that will be operating between Southern California and Las Vegas in the new future. The acquisition of Palm Beach for $20 million has left the general public in a dilemma.

Fortress Investment Group was founded in1998. It was as a result of the partnership of Wes Edens, Rob Kauffman and, Nardon. They were determined to help the potential entrepreneur to invest in real estate and capital market. The acquisition of the Tiffany is under the real estate sector. It occupies 16374 square feet. Tiffany building was constructed in 1950. Palm Beach was first advertised in 2016; they expected to fetch $40 million, which was equivalent to $2442 per square feet. Ironical the purchasing price was twice halved.

Madden Family Associates Ltd initially owned the property. They later changed the legal status to property under sales. It remains as mysteries to the general public. It is centrally situated, it is known as the busiest building with retail shops. The deal was conducted by Greg Matus. He is the senior vice president of sales investment. The investment is perceived to earn high returns. Fortress Investment Group will renovate the building and create a five-star office. Visit


Louis Chenevert Offers Expert Advice on how you can improve your business by investing in the employees

There is a business quote which is very common with successful entrepreneurs. They state that you should take care of your employees, because they are the direct link to your customer, and they get to decide how the customer will feel about your brand. Louis Chenevert, a renowned business leader, an entrepreneur seems to read from the same school of thought. He states that there is no better way to bolster your business success than working on your current employees. He adds that when a company has a low turnover rate, it has a higher possibility of meeting its growth goals.

Creating the optimal workplace is not as hard as many bosses believe. The first thing that you need to remember as a boss is that it is possible to create an optimal workplace, as long as you are willing to make changes which will make the employees enjoy spending their time in the given workplace. He adds that fostering positive relationships and avoiding poor leadership styles such as divide and rule, always works in making a perfect workplace.

The other recommendation which he makes about improving the workplace is that there is no better way to encourage employees to stay on and work hard than to have awards for the ones who do well. He stated that while there are cynics who will laugh at concepts such as the employee of the month, it makes everyone have something to look forward to as they set their work goals.

The third way which Louis Chenevert recommends to try and improve the workplace is investing in the academic and professional development of the employee. One of the best ways to do this is creating employee scholarship programs such as the one that he initiated in his company, UTC. He states that after the program was introduced, more of his employees felt encouraged about staying on and improving themselves. When they got higher qualifications, they would get promoted within the organization, which encourages the others to work hard and get the same benefits. These are the types of incentives which support business growth.

How The Block Chain Smart Card Got Its Start In South Africa

Serge Belamant was born in France in 1953 and moved to South Africa when he was 14 years old. He attended the Witwatersrand University in 1972 and initially studied engineering before switching to computer science and applied mathematics. He discontinued his studied after 2 years and started taking courses in information system through UNISA.

With an interesting career path, Serge Belamant has a number of patents to his name. In 1989, after he completed the development and implemented the SASWITCH system, he conceptualized the first RSA POS system, which was based on a network of X.25 workstations that were interconnected. Due to the fact it was not implemented by the banks at that time, Serge Belamant chose to leave SASWITCH and established his own company. He founded Net1, in 1989.

In the first few years of its existence, Net1 tried to provide to various institutions, such as banks, its UEPS system. Through Net1, Serge Belamant owns the patents to a verification of a transactor’s identity system and a financial transaction with a varying PIN system. Visa entered into an agreement with Net1 in 1995 allowing Serge Belamant to design and also develop COPAC, a new Visa application – the Chip Offline Pre-Authorised Card uses FTS/UEPS technology.

The founder of Net1 is also responsible for developing the technology for the Blockchain Smart Card, Net1 being the only company with the technology that allows them to provide the lowest cost banking services for a specific demographic of unbanked and under-banked. Back in 2016, World Bank invested a total of $107 million into Net1, being the largest fintech investment that the bank ever made in order to help promote financial inclusion for the poor. World Bank recognized that it was the only technology with a proven track record that can work on a large scale.

The blockchain smart card offered by Net1 is on all UEPS cards, including the EPE (EasyPay Everywhere) account. The EPE cards work on a transactional account designed to serve the needs of the unbanked and under-banked population of South Africa. The accounts work online, on mobile devices, and with the EPE smart card.

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