Is Woods Worth it for Nike?

When you are the greatest golfer in the world and arguable the best golfer of all time, of course you are worth millions if not billions in endorsements. Tiger Woods signed a contract with Nike two years ago when he was still winning. At the time he had one five PGA Tour events. Fast forward two years later and the question comes up if Woods is worth it to Nike anymore. Tiger Woods has not won a single event since he signed the deal with Nike. It is assumed that Nike expected Woods to keep on wining when they signed the deal.

Endorsers go into a deal with champions expecting them to able be to remain champions. Tigers Woods in not even in contention for wining anything these days. The odds of him winning the U.S. Open is currently 50-1. Tiger Woods has other intangibles though that may still make him worth the money for Nike and that is the fact that he is Tiger Woods. He is still one of the most talked about athletes in the world even though his played has suffered as of late. He is still covered heavily during any golfing event even when he doesn’t make the cut. This year for the U.S. Open at Chambers Bay, Qnet confirmed on social media that he will be paired up with Rickie Fowler in the opening two rounds. Only time will tell if Nike thinks Woods is still worth the paycheck.