Keith Mann Leads Firm That Strives to Suit Every Client’s Needs

Keith Mann is the CEO of Dynamics Executive Search, a company that works with firms across the alternative investment industry. He has worked in this industry for over 15 years and has become an expert in compensation, hiring strategy and staffing. He was the company’s Managing Director, recruiting global financial services firms.

In 2002, he began the Alternative Investment Practice with the company after finding that the hedge fund industry was underserved. In 2009, Keith Mann created Dynamics Search Partners, or DSP, as an executive search firm that was dedicated only to alternative investment firms. Currently, he is the CEO of DSP and manages the firm on a daily basis. DSP fills over 200 client mandates every year.

DSP was formed by the previous firm Keith worked for, Dynamics Associates. The idea for the company came from his many years of experience in the industry. Keith Mann believes he was groomed for this particular position after growing up in New York around many executives in the industry.

On a typical day, Mr. Mann goes through a slew of meetings, many calls and a ridiculous amount of emails. In order to get it done and manage his firm correctly, he works hard and maintains his focus. Exercising before work helps him make the most of his time at his company.

Bringing ideas to life is an easy talent for Keith Mann. He sees a need and yearns to fill it. The client needs to change its structure of how to interview potential employees or they need to change the idea to hire more employees, then Keith’s company solves the problem.

The diversity in the industry is what really excites Keith. They want to produce the best potential person for a position and he finds the diversity of those people to be thrilling. He attributes being open to technology as one of the ways himself and his company have maintained success. Keith Mann feels blessed to work with the phenomenal people at his company that he learns from every day.