Tony Petrello – Particular

Anthony – or Tony – G. Petrello and Nabors Industries Ltd.

Tony G. Petrello, also known as Anthony, is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries Ltd. – a top global provider of offshore and onsite drilling solutions. He could not do it alone: Under him stand a highly-skilled workforce, a top Board of Directors and a solid executive leadership team that always works in unison to keep the company afloat. Being a major global provider with one of the largest drilling rig fleets in the world, after all, is no easy task. Nonetheless, Nabors continues to lead the way in both innovation and inspiration.

Petrello is a well-prepared man for his current tasks: Having graduated from Yale and Harvard, he has been more than educated in all relevant aspects of the trade and notes that he is still learning new things on a daily basis as knowledge is a regular process of life, even for top executive leaders. Petrello’s information and statistics have also been released to the public and made available through Bloomberg. Such information includes his annual compensation, stock options and total calculated compensation.

Salary Information and More

Petrello’s current salary counts at $1,575,000 with a total annual compensation of the same amount. His restricted stock awards have recently risen to $10,808,769, and all other compensation sits at approximately $1,325,938 with exercisable options of $2,450,153 and a total value of options at $11,120,728. Additionally, Petrello holds board memberships through the Texas Children’s Hospital, Blue Sky, Stewart & Stevenson, LLC and more.

Nabors Industries is also proudly blessed to host its own leadership team that is both well-diversified and strictly placed under Petrello’s direction. It consists of a CFO, a corporate secretary, a vice president of human resources, a president of global operations and engineering sectors, a president of NDS or Nabors Drilling Solutions, a COO of drilling, a vice president of corporate development and investor relations, a vice president and CIO or Chief Information Officer, a vice president of HSE and risk management, and a vice president of general counsel. Follow him on twitter :

Ricardo Tosto Talks about Internships for Aspiring Lawyers

There are 1300 law schools in Brazil each producing new graduates every year. The increase in graduates over the last thirty years has meant stiff competition for newly minted Brazilian LLBs. One way that recent graduates can stand out from the crowd when seeking out their first position is through an internship.

For the most part, internships are a mandatory part of law school coursework. Law school takes five years in Brazil, with internships normally taking place in the fourth or fifth year of study. These internships can take place in a range of environments. Although law firms are most common, increasingly students are looking to placements in corporations as salaries in the in-house departments improve. It is also possible to undertake an internship at a government agency or court.

Students who put a lot of thought into their internship have an enormous advantage when it comes time to go on the job market. Unlike summer placements in the United States, Brazilian internships normally involve fewer hours for a longer period of time, sometimes a year or more.

Ricardo Tosto is an attorney and jurist based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. His firm, Ricardo Tosto & Associates, is internatinally recognized as a leader in dispute resolution. Ricardo Tosto is also an authority on electoral and labor law.

As the managing partner of Ricardo Tosto & Associates, he has guided many young lawyers and law students in their career. Ricardo Tosto believes that it is incumbent on every lawyer to advance the cause of the profession by sharing knowledge with one’s colleagues.