EOS Lip Balm – Fastest Growing Lip Balm

Evolution of Smooth (EOS) offers many different products that are essential to your skin care needs. They create some of the best, most flavorable lip balms on the market. One in particular that gets the attention of many is the passion fruit flavor. They offer their organic blend of the passion fruit in their unique ball of quality lip balm based on usmagazine.com. The popular flavor boasts a delightful tropical flavor that is blended with all natural ingredients. The ingredients used are organic, gluten free and contain sustainably sourced ingredients. Each sphere weighs about .25 oz and is very easy to find in your purse because of its shape and color. Each lip balm is tested by a team of dermatologists and is hypoallergenic. In addition to all of the qualities EOS lip balm offers, it’s also paraben and petrochemical-free. The EOS passion fruit lip balm is the perfect choice for your lips, making them smooth and irresistible.

EOS lip balm is one of the most popular brands for lip care on the market. They currently sell over 1 million units per week and are looking to drive the market to $2 billion by 2020. Founders Sanjiv Mehra, Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky have spent over a decade producing one of the most in-depth brands available today, see also blogwebpedia.com. They teamed up together to create a product that would specifically cater to women’s everyday experiences. They entered into a market that is full of products and offered a one of a kind lip balm that is carefully designed for female users. With many years of success behind them, they hope to continue to push forward in the market and continue to offer the best, most innovative solutions for women’s skin care needs. They are continually offering new products with even more enhancements and welcoming new flavors, check more products here.

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EOS has a new lip balm!

EOS Has launched a brand-new product, due to hit the shelves this month! Awesome improvements include: Revamped packaging, new flavors, and a fun new crystal-clear product are in store for us.

The classic, round lip balm will now be in a less round form, much easier to grip and easier to put in your pocket. More importantly, EOS new product is 100% wax free and has 5 natural essential oils (shea, coconut and avocado oils are just a few) packed into each pod! There are no added colors to the lip balm which makes it completely see through. EOS never tests on animals. EOS Crystal lip balm is vegan and is hypoallergenic paraben & petrolatum-free. The two new awesome flavors being introduced are Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid, with more on the way! If you want silky smooth, hydrated lips these new lip balms are must, see this great review! They will be available at Walmart, Target, CVS and Walgreens and other retailers. You can also purchase them at www.evolutionofsmooth.com

You can check out EOS’ official announcement here at usmagazine.com.

EOS Crystal is going to have everyone running to the store, me included! Get yours before they sell out.

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About EOS Lip Balm and it’s Flavors

Evolution Of Smooth is a line of beauty products that was founded in 2006. The company is based in New York, New York and sells its products in the United States and Canada. Their beauty products consist of hand and body lotions and shaving cream, however, Evolution of Smooth is most famous for its lip balm. EOS lip balm is extremely unique, from its many different flavors to the ingredients, and even the one-of-a-kind egg-shaped packaging. EOS has five types of lip blam: The Organic Smooth Sphere, the Visibly Soft Smooth Sphere, the Shimmer Smooth Sphere, the Active Protection Smooth Sphere, and the Organic Smooth Stick. Among these types of lip balms are many varieties of flavors, including Coconut Milk and Strawberry Sorbet. Try reading this related article on this site, frenchtribune.com.



Coconut milk is a flavor of EOS lip balm that is a part of its Visibly Smooth line. Its ingredients include coconut oil, jojoba oil, and fruit oil. It leaves your lips feeling smooth and smelling like sweet coconuts.



Strawberry Sorbet is a flavor that is part of EOS’s Organic Smooth Sphere collection. One of its main ingredients is Strawberry extract, which gives it that fruity aroma.


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EOS has been used by celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Rihanna. Not only is EOS lip balm 100 percent organic, but it is 95 percent natural, gluten and paraben free, petrolatum free, phthalate free, and hypoallergenic. It glides over the lips and smooths on clear, providing long lasting moisture and leaving your lips soft without weighing them down with waxy residue. This, along with its egg shape and twist-off top, make EOS a favorite among women all over the world. Read more blogs here.