EOS Creates Upset in Lip Balm Market

For years, Chapstick was the leader in the lip balm industry. The company worked hard for that title and they held steady for a long time. That is, until someone came out with a product that was so revolutionary that it had the chance to be able to show up chapstick and to make a major change to the way those things were done. The company that was able to do this was Eos and they did it with their convenient ball, their message to customers and the chance that they had to do more for the people than Chapstick had ever done.

EOS lip balm started out small. They were a startup company and they came from somewhat of a grassroots campaign. They were chapstick users who were sick of the tube of chapstick that was forever melting, getting lost or simply not fitting into their hands the right way. They knew that they had a long road ahead of them but they also knew that they would be able to truly create a revolutionary product since they had a solution to a problem that most people didn’t even realize that they had until that point. It was something that gave them the options that they needed.

When the company first started, they figured that they would only be small. They started out in a few local drug stores and, from there, the brand took off. It became somewhat of a cult classic and really took hold with the adolescent group of people on Facebook. They are now found in grocery stores, drug stores and even online on eBay and Amazon around the country. Eos has been able to do more business than Chapstick and has actually earned their previous number one spot for the number one lip balm company in the country and around the world. https://well.ca/brand/eos-evolution-of-smooth.html