The Crystal Ball of EOS

The Evolution of Smooth or better known as EOS has done it again with their incredible line of egg shaped lip balms. The line of lip products burst onto the scene and started popping into purses and backpacks everywhere. The newest product in their line is the Crystal Lip Balm with a see through top. The balm is 100% vegan and when once opened the lip balm inside is crystal clear, hence the name. This fun and new lip balm is selling out online but will be available at stores like Walmart. Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid are the delicious flavors offered in the Crystal collection.

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EOS has been offering customers a fun new way to keep their lips well taken care of for the last 8 years. Coming out of nowhere the little egg shape designed glosses really hit a nerve with the public. Their packaging along with the quality product it held has taken the lip balm industry by storm. The product line is organic which appeals to customers and now with the removal of beeswax in it’s Crystal Lip Balm there is now a vegan choice. Evolution of Smooth continues to be an innovator in the industry, jump over this site.

EOS has used their ingenous packaging idea and their lines of delicious flavors and sparkles and colors to create a social media sensation, refer also to The marketing behind the product on social media has helped to make this product what it is today. Year after year EOS has had their products in fashion and beauty magazines best of sections or great gifts to buy. Even celebrities have jumped into the action showing pictures on instagram of they themselves using these great products.


The Renowned Beauty Brand EOS Released Its Repackaged Round Lip Balm

Makeup fans have another reason to rejoice today because the pure pleasure of using the EOS round lip balm just got better. In a recent report from US magazine, the beauty brand EOS that is known for its colorful perky round lip balms now has released their signature beauty product with a major fantastic remake. It’s an upgrade every make-up artist will surely enjoy.

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The new EOS lip balm called EOS Crystal is now available in a smooth, waxy see-through version that just adds a simple but delightful twist to the already excellent beauty product before. With this new alluring product upgraded into a cute and chic pod that is made cuter by its particular round form, any beauty fan will never forget to bring this EOS Crystal with them anywhere! Open this site!

The brand excited so many of its fans when this product was released through an Instagram post last August 5 with a photo of the updated product. Anyone can get this new make-up item in their favorite beauty stores this August at $4.99 each and will delightfully come in two unique flavors, which are Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach. Order here,

Another reason to celebrate this new beauty product is the additional features that the lip balm contains. The release indicated that the lip balm would pack an array of wonderful essential oils that will leave a smooth coating to anyone’s lips. There are five essential oils contained in each lip balm and will guarantee customer satisfaction for anyone who buys the EOS Crystal today.

There will be now more reasons to carry a lip-balm with you now that the EOS Crystals are available at online stores that you trust. Look for this lip balm in your retail stores, too, and start bringing it with you to cocktail parties, so you not only look good with your dress, but you will also stun your friends with the use of a brand new lip balm no one else has purchased.

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The Founders of EOS Lip Balms Deferred Marketing Strategies in Order to Create Better Products

The founders of Evolution of Smooth used some very different strategies to market their lip balm. They chose to spend more time focusing on the development stage of their product, rather than the advertising aspect. This helped to ensure it would stand apart from the brands of lip balms currently available. They did everything from hiring a professional artist to sculpt molds for the container to holding a survey panel to find out what beauty products appealed to women. They also chose to make their lip balms available in assorted colors and flavors, many of which contain organic or all natural ingredients. More fantastic articles here on

The assorted flavors of EOS lip balms are available in different lines. Each line of balm contains beneficial properties to help heal and protect lips. Their line of Smooth Sphere balms includes the delectable flavor of Blueberry Acai. Classified as being 95 percent organic, this particular balm contains the antioxidant properties of vitamin E. It also contains the anti-aging properties found in the acai berry. This line also includes Evolution of Smooth’s delicious Strawberry Sorbet flavor, browse and shop products here. Also classified as 95 percent organic, this balm contains the healing properties of jojoba oil and Shea butter.

The company’s line of Visibly Soft Lip Balms contain ingredients designed to keep lips smooth and supple for long periods of time. The sweet tasting flavor of their Coconut Milk balm contains moisturizing ingredients and natural conditioning oils to bring instant softness to dry, chapped lips, buy it here at This flavor also contains the antioxidant properties found in vitamins C and E. The Shimmer Lip Balms from EOS provide long-lasting softness with just a touch of tantalizing shimmer. This line includes the company’s Pearl and Sheer Pink versions of balms. As with all of their lip balms, these products glide on smoothly and are categorized as being petroleum, gluten and paraben free.

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