Brown Modelling Agency Treats It’s Talent Better Then Any Other Agency


There is no doubt that there are many full-service talent agencies’ out there but just how much do talent agency’s make off of the models and actors that work for them? It is extremely popular for full service talent agencies to take so much money from their actors and models that they are left with no money at the end of the day. Models and actors enjoy what they do and many times won’t speak up against being ripped out of their money but it is basically as if they are working for free and talent agency’s see them as not worth anything. However, there is one very popular full-service talent agency that was created in the spring of 2010 and that is located in Austin, Texas that does not take an unfair and ridiculous amount of money from their models and actors wages. This full-service talent agency is named Brown Modeling Agency. Brown Modeling is a very successful talent agency that hires models and actors for everything from commercial print to runway modeling. There are some requirements for some of the jobs that Brown Modeling Agency finds for their talent but many of the commercial print jobs are open to a wide range of people. Most people associate modeling with skinny models that have natural colored hair but the truth is there are many models who are plus-size or who have an un-natural hair color. Brown Modeling Agency’s president is Justin Brown who is a very successful man who takes time to work with each and every one of his actors and models to make sure that they are treated not only fairly but get the recognition they deserve in the world of talent careers. Brown Modeling Agency has locations in Dallas, Texas aside from their location in Austin and also have a presence in Los Angeles. Brown Modeling Agency pays its actors and models very well for each job that they do and many are also recognized by the agency on all of their social media platforms for their hard work and accomplishments. If there is one thing that is most important when working in this industry it is that you should be surrounded by positive people such as Justin Brown and his team to boost your confidence throughout your career rather than bringing you down with harsh comments like many other talent agencies’ do. If you are looking to get into the modeling or acting world it is important to make sure that you do it with Brown Modeling Agency because they treat their talent better than any other agency in the world does. Brown Modeling Agency has open calls every Thursday, between 3-4pm. Follow the Brown Modeling Agency on Instagram.


The Hottest and Latest Men’s Spring Fashion Choices

It is that time of year when winter coats come off and sweaters are packed away. Spring time is more than watching the flowers bloom and the trees come to life, it is also a time of a change in fashion. In the fashion world everyone is buzzing about the latest from top designers and what their spring collection will look like. Just as thrilling as the designers and their latest contribution to the world of fashion are the models used to showcase it. Top designers have been trend setters with highlighting not only their clothing line but the models who flex them. In the world of men’s fashion, this also proves true.

One of the hottest up and coming male models today is Matt Landis. He has demonstrated his ability to turn a style into what every male on the globe wants to wear. With his chiseled good looks and impeccable body, there is not anything that does not look great on him. Certainly the whisper campaign is in full swing regarding where fashion watchers can find his swagger. He recently updated his portfolio, which showcases why he has earned the reputation of being a sought after fresh face.

matt landis model

In one photo of him wearing an unzipped light grey jacket of an airy fabric with brown leather strips at the shoulders, he is depicting an easy breezy look for the spring breaker.  Of course, others will take off running with this look by changing the colors and partially zipping the jacket.

matt landis lavendar

In another photo, Matt is seen wearing a light lavender colored jacket with a tri-colored purple checkered cotton shirt underneath. This is easily something that can be worn during the spring to the office, an afternoon affair or a club with outside seating. Again the look inspires an opportunity for colors to be manipulated and buttons to be undone. This ensemble could be completed with a pair of jeans, casual slacks or shorts depending on the destination.

matt landis black and white

The last photo of Matt that screams about his boyish good looks and casual style is him wearing a college sweatshirt and a cotton shirt underneath. No matter what the season, this is a staple that every man can wear with confidence to a myriad of incognito events in the spring season.

Whether it is the men’s or women’s clothing line, excitement is in the air. New York City is gearing up for fashion week as the flagship of fashion shows. It is also the forerunner for the next stop in Europe with shows in cities such as London and Paris to name a few. Spring has sprung and everyone wants to know what they should be wearing throughout the season for any occasion. If the pictures of Matt Landis are any indication of the eye candy trend this spring season has in store, it is going to be a hot one.