Deliciously Smooth Lips

When one thinks of smooth lips, it’s usually associated with a balm or chap-stick of sorts. And although there are many companies out there that promise you smooth lips, there is one company that has proven themselves time and time again. That company is the insanely popular, always reliable, EOS. Or, Evolution Of Smooth, which is the acronym for the company.

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EOS was started about seven years ago by the masterminds of Sanjiv Mehra & Jonathan Teller. They wanted something that would be fun and appealing to all, while at the same time, driving growth in the demand for organic & natural products, which EOS takes pride in. They also wanted to give consumers a product that stood out from “the crowd” of lip moisturizers, especially being that everything was pretty much the same as far as visually. They wanted to shake up the lip balm world. They wanted to appeal to all of the senses. And that they did!

There are many EOS flavors to choose from, depending on your mood or taste. And no matter which you choose, whether it be the Organic lip balm, Visibly Soft lip balm, Crystal lip balm, Shimmer lip balm, Active lip balm or Medicated lip balm, you won’t be disappointed. The amazing flavors range anywhere from Pomegranate Raspeberry, Passion Fruit, Blueberry Acai and Coconut Milk (these flavors happen to be the current best sellers) to Sweet Mint and Honeysuckle Honeydew. Browse their collection here.

You can find these am

azing balls of delicious fun by clicking on the following links:

1)Pomegranate Raspberry –

2)Passion Fruit –

3)Blueberry Acai –

4)Coconut Milk –


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As you browse through the included links, please keep in mind to look through all of the categories of EOS lip balms. EOS balm also comes in stick form.