AIG Continue To Ignore Insurance Claim From Bruce Levenson

The New Hampshire based insurance giant AIG have recently seen papers filed in Fulton County by a legal team acting on behalf of former Atlanta Hawks owner Bruce Levenson claiming breach of contract by the insurance provider. More importantly for AIG is the fact Levenson is also bringing a claim for insurance bad faith that his legal team feel can be proven with ease.

Bruce Levenson and his fellow Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment LLC consortium members state in legal papers they held a workplace based insurance policy that was breached in the buildup to the mutual termination of the $18 million contract of general manager Danny Ferry. Court papers reveal AIG and Bruce Levenson’s group held talks as early as April 2015 over the comments and actions of Ferry concluding in general agreement that a constructive dismissal claim could be filed following the June 2015 termination of the six year contract signed in 2012; since the insurance claim was made and the franchise sold AIG are reported by ESPN to have failed to have made any contact with Levenson’s consortium.

Over the course of his career, Bruce Levenson has always been seen as an individual who has the ability to make his way through business with ease; Levenson formed the United Communications Group with business partner Ed Peskowitz in a spare room in the 1970s and has built it into a major provider of real time information. Bruce Levenson is not only concerned with creating a business empire, but he is also well known as a philanthropist who has dedicated much of his life to enhancing the communities touched by his personal and business life. The former head of the Atlanta Hawks looks to his faith at many times as he has tried to protect the history of the Jewish people during World War II in his work as a fund raiser for the U.S. Holocaust Museum.

More information regarding Levenson’s philanthropic works posted on PR Newswire‘s website.

Hottest Teams in the NBA Off Season

When it comes to making a push toward a potential championship everything starts out in the off season. Sure, you’ll hear GMs and analysts talk repeatedly about the draft, and they aren’t wrong, but really you’ll see contenders constructed due to great free agency periods. When the Cavaliers can go from missing the playoffs to the NBA Finals in one single free agency period (salute to King James) then you know how important it is. So we decided to look over the 2015 – 16 field and grade the best off season work done by the various teams. We’ll highlight a few obvious choices as well as one underrated squad.

Los Angeles Clippers – Winners
Last post season we saw Los Angeles endure possibly the most devastating post season collapse since the New York Yankees got backdoor swept by the Boston Red Sox almost a decade ago. Losing to the Rockets after starting the series 3 – 1, LA knew they needed to make changes…and they did. The Clippers worked hard to re-sign their super star center in DeAndre Jordan and then they got active with free agents. The Clippers signed Josh Smith, Paul Pierce, Lance Stephenson, and Cole Aldrich and thus completely re-designed their roster.This should be an elite team and a dark horse candidate in the West to upset Golden State.

San Antonio Spurs – BIG Winners
When it comes to ensuring that your franchise never falters, you really have to focus on continuing the legacy of your star players. The Spurs are one of the winningest franchises in the past 20 years thanks in large part to Tim Duncan. Duncan is edging toward retirement so San Antonio made sure to grab his successor, much like David Robinson before him. The Spurs opened the checkbook to grab coveted PF LaMarcus Aldridge before doing some magic on David West to get the player to sign for a minimum deal. The Spurs are locked and loaded and ready to compete once more.

Atlanta Hawks – Winners
After owner Bruce Levenson sold the team to Antony Ressler many didn’t know what to expect from the Hawks in the coming season. However, Bruce Levenson and Ressler made sure to put fans at ease by getting busy in free agency. Ressler made re-signing Paul Millsap, who was coming off of a career year, a priority. Millsap signed on a three year deal with a player option for the third year. Then Atlanta went ahead and nabbed up Tiago Splitter and Tim Hardaway Jr while refusing to overpay for the services of Demarre Carroll. Atlanta was the top seed in the Eastern Conference last year and while we don’t think they repeat that performance, it seems very likely that they’ll trend toward an upper half playoff seed once more.

No matter which teams won big in free agency eventually the war of attrition sets in during the NBA season. With 82 games plus the playoffs looming, teams will have to make adjustment son the fly. Still, these teams set themselves up well for a potential championship run.