Skout is best for meeting new people and making new friends

We have all had the one blind date from hell that is the one story that we all laugh and joke about having. I mean its fun to be able to have that story to share with others but it can also be an awkward situation. Why you are asking? Well here’s what you most likely didn’t think about is that you were setup to go on that date by someone you both know. When telling the story to others you most likely forgot that your friend is also friends with the other person. I mean blind dates are meant to be fun and someone that you should have a connection with however this is usually never the case.

A blind date can go good and can be something that works out well but this statistic is probably a low number. More role are turning to the online dating world no matter if its through an app or an online website. Sure there are plenty of sites out there and there are plenty of different ways to meet up with new people. I opted to use the app Skout to meet up with new people and here is why.

First of all I like the idea of being in control over my whole dating life. Many of the other sites on I once true using would instead send random people to my mailbox and some of them weren’t bad choices or options but some of them were just not at all close to what I was looking for.

Secondly, I may not have been looking for romance but instead someone that I could spend just a little time with being friends first and whatever following the friendship. Most of the people I came across were people only looking for a real good time instead of looking for a real connection.

Third, I like the fact that I could install it on my phone and tablet as well as with the internet on my laptop. I didn’t have to worry that when I was not sitting in front of my computer that I am missing put on something. If I am on the go then I can still stay connected and receive and send messages. I am not going to miss anything because I am still essentially connected. This was important for me since I work so much and am out of town often on business. I like the idea that I can be signed in on multiple devices all at once.

As you can see there are a number of reasons that I choose to use the app to meet new people and I only had to meet the ones that i was most comfortable with instead of just random people that were simply matched with me to make money from signing up and sending obscene messages to and from. At least with Skout I am sure that who I am talking to is someone that I actually want something to do with. That is what I like best about Skout.