George Soros Weighs in on the Recent Political Unrest

Business mogul George Soros has expressed his judicious perception on president Trump’s regime, terming him an imposter, a conman and a would-be dictator. The Hungarian-born American billionaire has been known to be a fierce critic of Trump’s GOP camp since the presidential campaigns on Politico started. At the World Economic Forum recently held in Davos, Switzerland, Soros stressed his wildly held notion that Trump is bound to fail.

Soros expressed his fears that Trump champions a form of government that embodies a closed-society mode of administration on Biography. He described such states as dictatorship or mafia states. The prevalence of such states could only be prevented by the deeply rooted US institution and the constitution, as he believes that Trump and his advisers are by nature self-contradictory.

If media prediction was anything to go by, Trump never anticipated victory, and as such, Soros is convinced that it is difficult to predict how he is going to behave. The businessman claims that he is bound to distance himself from Trump’s drama-centered administration on Snopes. But how he will do it still remains a conundrum owing to his deeply rooted interests in business, and as such, all trade related decisions made by Trump will affect him. George Soros believes that China is destined to gain more on the Trump’s administration.

A pro-democracy, George Soros believes that democracy will suffer a great blow as Trump’s proposed cabinet is made of incompetent extremists and retired generals- the kind of characters who are unable to champion democracy.

George Soros’ criticism is not new though. He was an adamant supporter of the democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, all along during the campaign period on Even before Trump’s triumph, it is alleged that Soros sent his friends a holiday greeting reminding them of the pending hard times in the business industry if trump was to emerge a winner in the hotly contested November elections.

About Soros

The 86-year-old investor, who also doubles as political activist and an author, has been known for his long time generosity and philanthropic work. He has funded several civil society groups as well as most of the democrats’ political activities. George Soros is the chairman of Open Society Foundation. The Foundation gives support to civil society groups globally with the intention of advancing justice, education, public health and independent media.

George Soros is the founder and adviser of the Quantum Group of Funds, a family of funds involved in global investment. Soros is also the chairman of the Soros Fund Management, an entity which acts as the primary adviser for the Quantum Group of Funds

Soros recently pledged $10 million to fight hate crime that has rampantly found root in the American society today. He has been vocal in trying to improve sanity within the society.