The Exalted EOS

Have you seen those crazy, egg looking chap stick that every single person seems to have? It is almost impossible to not see multiple of them through out the day. So what is the big craze? Well to be honest, the craze is caused by how amazing the quality is of these little EOS eggs. These sought after lip balms are made of natural and safe ingredients, for healthy and happy lips, excellent review here. Evolution of Smooth lip balm is changing the game of moisturizing lips! On top of being adorably packages and healthy, they has tasty and unique flavors.

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Evolution of Smooth introduced their lip balms with original flavors right from the start! Two of these flavors being Sweet Mint and Summer Fruit, available here at This threw the idea of the usual cherry and oddly flavored chap sticks right out the window! The cool Sweet Mint quickly became a favorite. The cooling, sweet flavor was just the beginning of what EOS really had to offer. These delightful clip balms become available in many more unique options. EOS has began offering a line of Visibly Soft lip balm, with extra conditioning ingredients, and a line of Shimmer Smooth lip balm, for a more noticeable style. EOS lip balm has a style and flavor for every one!

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