Sergio Cortes, Keeping The Legacy Of Michael Jackson Alive

Celebrities and media personalities always end up attracting attention. People idolize famous people given that they are admired and seen as role models. The celebrities are a source of inspiration and for others. Most celebrities leave legacies through their works of art, music or contribution to the society. Over the years, impersonators have been impersonating Michael Jackson. A number of people impersonate the celebrities they adore. To impersonate is to imitate someone in terms of their looks, character or personal style.
Michael Jackson started his career as a band member with his brothers. The band was called the Jackson five and they created hit after hit. Later, Michael left the band to pursue a solo career. He went on to have a successful career and released many albums. His music journey was documented since he was young. In his career, Michael received much recognition and awards for his outstanding performances. He was crowned as the king of pop. His death was a global blow to his fans and everyone that knew him through his music. Impersonators continue to enhance his legacy by performing and dressing up like him.
Sergio Cortes is a successful Michael Jackson impersonator that hails from Brazil. He was born in 1971 in Barcelona, Spain. Cortes closely works with the Destiny Projects, a firm that manages artistic developments. He is passionate about music and has recreated a number of Michael Jackson hits. Aside from performing like Michael, Sergio has an uncanny resemblance to the legend. He could pass as Michael’s brother. The physical resemblance is one factor that they share in common with Michael. Sergio also has a vocal resemblance to the late king of pop.
Sergio started impersonating while still a teenager and this situation saw him receive invitations to perform in different functions and events. Currently, he runs a project in Italy dubbed as the Human Nature Live Show where he has a two-hour performance. Sergio did a Michael Jackson tribute show in 2012 by recreating the songs and choreography. He has uploaded his videos on YouTube. These videos capture his singing prowess and his live performances. Through the YouTube videos, his reputation has grown immensely. Sergio is planning to start touring the United States and other continents of the world.
South American fans have had the opportunity to enjoy his live show performances. He has traveled to all major cities in South America to showcase his talents. Sergio’s concerts are usually filled to capacity. His breathtaking performance is known to bring out emotions. The road to Sergio’s success is not hitting a stop sign anytime soon.