Shopping For Crystal Clear EOS Lip Balm Styles

If you are always looking for something new to add to your beauty product collection, there is one thing that you will want to add to the collection. The new release of the crystal clear EOS lip balm is leaving shoppers heading into the stores to purchase the new lip collection.

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The crystal clear collection was introduced to the public to showcase the removal of some of the ingredients found in previous versions of the lip balm. Prior to now, ingredients in the lip balm consisted of a beeswax ingredient. The shoppers who are animal friendly wanted to see the ingredient dropped from the product line. With the new crystal collection, the number of styles sold under the Evolution of Smooth brand has increased drastically says

The reason behind your purchase of the EOS brand of lip balm can be as simple as to looking for a lip balm that is consumer friendly to needing the most in the sense of moisture for your lips. The new formula that has been released and used within the vegan friendly lip balm has been created to leave your lips luscious, beautiful and non-sticky.

The number of shoppers who are searching for the new style love the fact that the ingredients changed slightly without sacrificing the quality of the products. When you remove something from a formula, in many cases the quality of the item decreases. For EOS lovers, this did nothing but improve the original recipe. Read great review here.

The one ingredient that was removed from the original formula of EOS has caused the stir for others to purchase the lip balm by avoiding anything sticky on your lips. The lip balm manufacturer has found an even better way to perfect the formula of lip balms. With the new addition, the brand has covered nearly all flavors of lip balm.

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