Mint Conditions

E.O.S is an evolution of smooth indeed. They are the most popular lip balm/skin care products brand out there in the market right now. They reach out to a wide variety of clientele. They are gluten, paraben, petrolatum, pthalate and animal cruelty free. So needless to say they meet everyone’s needs. E.O.S is 99%-100% natural and have long-lasting moisture.

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So with all that going for them, what else could make this brand even better? Their many wonderful, yummy flavors of course! With the many choices, how does one choose the perfect flavor? I guess it’s a matter of personal opinion, preference and taste. However, mint seems to be among the most popular of the flavors. EOS offer two different kinds of mints, sweet mint and vanilla mint.

If you are a more subtle smelling, need more moisture kind of person then vanilla mint is for you. Instead of having a strong peppermint smell, vanilla mint focuses on the vanilla scent. With the new formula, it gives you lips that are immediately softer looking and longer lasting moisture.It’s not 100% natural, like the original formula, but it’s 99% natural.

If you’re a Christmas junkie, (like me) and love the potent peppermint smell then EOS sweet mint is for you. Sweet mint is made from the original formula, which doesn’t have as long of a lasting moisture as the visibly smooth formula. However, it still contains Shea butter and vitamin E, buy here at When you apply the easy glide, clear lip balm it leaves a tingly sensation on your lips and in your nose. It’s not tingly to the point of discomfort or almost a burning sensation but a tingling that makes your aware its present.

So the choice is yours, or venture out and explore the many other wonderful flavors. Flavors such as, Blueberry Acai, Summer Fruit and Honeydew. Read more information here.