S’well: The New Eco-Friendly Water Bottle


According to an article on CNN, in 2009 at a business school reunion attended by Sarah Kauss, a professor did a presentation on the global water crisis. During his presentation, he addressed the impact that waste plastic bottles have on the environment. At that moment, Sarah Kauss knew that her idea of launching a line of reusable, insulted, stainless steel bottles was excellent.


Prior to the reunion, Kauss would take metal water bottles around, but she was not too happy about their appearance. “It was ideal for the gym, or pulling out of your backpack when you’re camping, but not for an executive to be carrying around,” said Kauss.


Soon afterwards, Kauss went to work to make her idea into a reality. According to her, “I made the business plan quickly, but it took longer than I expected to find the manufacturer and perfect the design.” She invested $30,000 to launch S’well in 2010.


S’well is a line of stainless steel bottles that are insulated, reusable, and designed to keep liquid hot for 12 hours or cold for 24 hours. S’well bottles are available in 90 colors and three different sizes. They are very stylish, BPA-free and help reduce the number of plastic water bottles that ended up in landfills. These fabulous bottles cost between $25 and $45 and are sold at majority of the leading stores nationwide such as Starbucks, Nordstrom, and J. Crew.


Since the launch of S’well, the New York based firm sold approximately 4 million bottles and had a “revenue surge 400% between 2013 and 2014 — hitting $10 million last year,” according to the article on CNN.


In 2010, S’well was featured in the Oprah Magazine in it’s ‘O list’ of popular summer products. “It was the stamp of credibility we needed,” said Kauss.


The firm recently introduced bottles that look like wood and plants a tree in the forest for each bottle sold.


The Hottest and Latest Men’s Spring Fashion Choices

It is that time of year when winter coats come off and sweaters are packed away. Spring time is more than watching the flowers bloom and the trees come to life, it is also a time of a change in fashion. In the fashion world everyone is buzzing about the latest from top designers and what their spring collection will look like. Just as thrilling as the designers and their latest contribution to the world of fashion are the models used to showcase it. Top designers have been trend setters with highlighting not only their clothing line but the models who flex them. In the world of men’s fashion, this also proves true.

One of the hottest up and coming male models today is Matt Landis. He has demonstrated his ability to turn a style into what every male on the globe wants to wear. With his chiseled good looks and impeccable body, there is not anything that does not look great on him. Certainly the whisper campaign is in full swing regarding where fashion watchers can find his swagger. He recently updated his portfolio, which showcases why he has earned the reputation of being a sought after fresh face.

matt landis model

In one photo of him wearing an unzipped light grey jacket of an airy fabric with brown leather strips at the shoulders, he is depicting an easy breezy look for the spring breaker.  Of course, others will take off running with this look by changing the colors and partially zipping the jacket.

matt landis lavendar

In another photo, Matt is seen wearing a light lavender colored jacket with a tri-colored purple checkered cotton shirt underneath. This is easily something that can be worn during the spring to the office, an afternoon affair or a club with outside seating. Again the look inspires an opportunity for colors to be manipulated and buttons to be undone. This ensemble could be completed with a pair of jeans, casual slacks or shorts depending on the destination.

matt landis black and white

The last photo of Matt that screams about his boyish good looks and casual style is him wearing a college sweatshirt and a cotton shirt underneath. No matter what the season, this is a staple that every man can wear with confidence to a myriad of incognito events in the spring season.

Whether it is the men’s or women’s clothing line, excitement is in the air. New York City is gearing up for fashion week as the flagship of fashion shows. It is also the forerunner for the next stop in Europe with shows in cities such as London and Paris to name a few. Spring has sprung and everyone wants to know what they should be wearing throughout the season for any occasion. If the pictures of Matt Landis are any indication of the eye candy trend this spring season has in store, it is going to be a hot one.

The Perfect Wedding, the Perfect Surprise

A groom made his bride’s dream of the perfect wedding come true without her having a clue. After their engagement the groom would ask his future bride simple questions like, “What is your idea of the perfect wedding “? “Who would you like to have at the wedding”? And other questions like this. These questions were asked in a subtle and casual way with the groom consciously taking notes.

The groom was secretly making all her wishes come true. After a year of planning, her dream unfolded. With the help of friends and family the bride’s own complete bedroom with all her bureaus was brought to the wedding location to be sure she had everything needed.

In total confusion and excitement the soon to be bride said, “Yes.” She then looked around and realized that all of her friends were there to help her get into her wedding dress that was in her transported bedroom.

This is an example of true love. I think Bernardo Chua and I can agree on that. It is crystal clear that this groom wants to bring nothing but happiness to his beautiful bride and will surely have more surprises in the years to come.

New CEO at Gap Looks Ahead to Changes

There will be a new face at the head of Gap, America’s super store of suburban retail, and that is Art Peck. Peck is a 55 year old digital chief from within the company who will act as CEO starting February 1, 2015. Gap, Inc. is the leader of your favorite retail specialty stores, and the line includes Baby Gap, Gap Kids, Banana Republic and Old Navy.

Around the world there are 3,600 of the Gap stores, which allow the corporation to net $16 billion in sales annually.  It will be Peck’s responsibility to bring the Gap line into the 21st century, and he is extremely optimistic.

My friend Darius Fisher is such an advocate for Gap, Inc. that he has a vision their clothes could be worn for a lifetime. He say that if you’re wearing Banana Republic to work and the entire family’s clothes are Old Navy and Gap, you could wear their brand forever.

Even though the malls are declining and the fashion styles are steering away from jeans, Peck views this as an opportune time for change and growth. With a digital background, Peck recognizes that there are challenges ahead, but he also envisions using the technology of today, such as iPhones and ecommerce as major marketing tools.

Wimbledon Sets Strict Dress Code

Wimbledon is known for introducing new fashions to the court, as the players wear different kind of clothing to reveal a bit of their own fashion.

This could be placed in jeopardy, however, as a strict dress code has now been placed on players as well as spectators.

The dress code for spectators has been relaxed, however, from suit jacket and tie or dress to open neck t-shirts, jeans and shorts. There are still restrictions regarding such particulars as neatness of the clothes: in the case of jeans, torn ones are not allowed.

The limitations on dress code is very strict, and this year they will be checked. The reason for such an approach is to avoid bold logos printed on the dresses worn by players.

These limitations bring challenges to fashion designers, as there will be very few options to show their creativity. The tennis outfits have to be in all white, and it will be a challenge to designers to make an all-white tennis ensemble eye-catching as well as practical for playing tennis. It will be interesting to see videos of the all-white uniforms, as Jared Haftel has told me it’s never been that way.

And for men, all those eye catching colours and patterns on t-shirts will be replaced with clean slated white ones, which will be a challenge as most of them wear dark coloured t-shirts.


Alexander Wang for H&M

H&M continues its well thought out and successful designer collaboration collection with Alexander Wang this fall. This is one of the most anticipated collections in recent years thanks to Wang’s burgeoning talent as a sportswear designer. The collection is a perfect mix of high and low street style fashion. It aims to combine athletic sportswear with daily life thanks to its leggings, tank tops and tight tennis dresses in Lycra blends. The majority of the collection is black on grey with Alexander Wang etched across some pieces.

The collection was announced back in April, and it debuts early this month. People are sure to line up hours before stores open to get their hands on this collection (I’m sure you’ll be there Lee haha). The look is inspired by boxers with actual fighting gloves, skinny pants, and sport bra tops. This particular style was seen all over the runway. Therefore, it is mo surprise that fashion lovers all over the world will be flocking to the opening day of the collection.

What Size is That?

The sizing of women’s fashions have changed incredibly over the last 100 years. However, it was not until the 1940’s when standardized sizing started to become the norm. Yet, if you were to compare a modern size 8 with one from thirty years ago, then you would be amazed at the difference.

As the average woman gets larger, vanity sizing has become commonplace with ready to wear brands.

One of the easiest ways to do that is to attach a smaller size to a larger cut garment. This was practiced by Cornelsen’s companies for decades before more recently going mainstream. The end result means that people think they are wearing a smaller size when it could be even bigger than what they wore in the past.

Vanity sizing is a big concern, and it will only continue to get worse unless regulations are put into place. There has been some attempt to keep things in place.

The ASTM established its first sizing table in 1995. However, the range in the sizes over the years continues to evolve and change.

What Is the New Paper Makeup?

Makeup has been in the news a lot lately. Women who wear a lot of makeup are being criticized for their choice to cake it on. It’s becoming more fashionable to go natural with makeup and either make it look like you don’t have any on at all or really don’t wear any at all. That’s what I’ve seen Marnie Bennett doing and she looks great.

This is hard for women of a certain age. At the same time that there are pressures to look natural, women like Renee Zellweger are being criticized for looking too old. Then there are women who get plastic surgery, and they are being criticized for their choices in augmenting their face. Well, here’s a new item for society to criticize. It’s called paper makeup. It’s another wonderful way to weird you out in the makeup department. And yes, it’s just what it sounds like. It’s makeup made out of paper. You can get them online from the company, Mai Couture. They are colored as foundations, blushes and highlighters. The sheets cost anywhere from $15 to $70, and they come in booklets.

To use the sheets of makeup, you simply tear a sheet out of the book, gently rub the side with the color onto your skin in the desired area and repeat if you want more color.

New Umbrella Uses a Force Field

Yes, you’ve read the title correctly. Scheduled to hit the market late next year, this device will be an umbrella that will keep the rain off of you by using a force field instead of the traditional fabric material. At first, it may seem impossible, but when you look at the details, the technology is not something from a science fiction movie.

How the umbrella is designed
Basically, the device will look like an ordinary umbrella that has not been opened. Instead of the umbrella opening with a spring release or a manual push outward, there will be a button that will turn on a small motor, powered by a lithium battery that moves a fan. The fan pushes air up and over your head. The strength of the air functions as a force field against the rain and will keep you dry.

Advantages and disadvantages of this device
These new high technology umbrellas will be slightly smaller than a traditional umbrella. More importantly, the amount of air that the umbrella produces can be increased and decreased. This gives the user of effectively enlarging the canopy of the umbrella. This is something that is obliviously impossible for a traditional umbrella.

You might think that a fan-based umbrella would make a lot of noise, but a financial backer of the device, Gianfrancesco Genoso, has stated that the fan is quieter than the falling rain around you. Mr. Wang raised more than $14,000 to develop and realize his idea.

Brandy Melville Derided For Exclusionary Sizes

In a world where Abercrombie & Fitch has taken a massive dive with shareholders, and in the sales department for their exclusionary tactics, it’s no surprise that Brandy Melville has come under fire for their sales tactics. Most stores only contain small sizes, with the rare medium here and there. Which means most stores are really only realistic options for women who fall into the 0, to 2 size range.

That’s cutting out a lot of the market, and not really providing an opportunity for women with diverse body types to peruse what the brand has to offer. Sort of ridiculous in today’s market, when body image is more evolved than ever.

Brad Reifler and I see this as a major strength though. Something that the fashion industry needs to evolve. Nobody is telling these stores how to run their products. But failing to be inclusive is definitely bad when you’re trying to run a public fashion company.