The Invention Of ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a special tool that has been developed for effective communication between teachers, students and parents. This tool is targeted to improve the student’s discipline. The tool allows each student to have an avatar which can be customized for personal use. The teachers also have their module where they can come up with goals and habits to monitor. These goals and habits include issues such as how active the student is in class and how they submit their homework among others. The teachers then award points during the school day which are easily displayed on a smart board for viewing. By the end of the day, the teachers produce a report and send it to the parents. This tool has been of great importance to most schools as it acts as a direct link between the teachers, students and also parents. It gives the teachers an easy way of monitoring the student’s habits.

The Application is said to have raised $35 million funding as its recent amount. It was also revealed that ClassDojo has come up with another service for the families known as Beyond School. This tool allows the parents to subscribe to it so that they can have knowledge of the studying experiences that their children encounter outside the classroom. ClassDojo unlike Beyond School is offered for free. Since its founding, ClassDojo has shown substantial growth. Most homesteads in America are now using the app to monitor their children’s performance and activities in school. The app is operated by a group of forty experts and it is based in California.

One of the founders of the ClassDojo app, Mr. Liam Don says that their vision is to provide just more than a class room application. They are focused with coming up with the most famous brand for use in education. The Chief Executive Officer adds that ClassDojo is working towards ensuring that students, teachers, parents, staff and also administrators are offered with quality services. Some of the countries that use ClassDojo include Spain, UK and Australia among others. Parents have also given positive remarks about the app.

Securus Brings Global Tel Link Unethical Behavior to Light

Securus Technologies is taking action to bring to light the wrongdoings of inmate communications provider Global Tel Link in an effort to shame the company into action with integrity in the future. According to PR, Securus plans to release a series of articles that will highlight many of Global Tel Links lack of integrity and wrongdoings.
Securus recently released the first of these articles which included a 17 page report by the Louisiana Public Service Commission that detailed some of wrongdoings It found during an investigation of Global Tel Link when the company provided outbound call service for the Louisiana Department of Corrections. The investigation found the the company was involved in several unethical behaviors.

Global Tel Link was found to programming the clocks of the phones used by inmates in correctional institutions to add either 15 or 36 seconds to each call made. The company was also found to be double billing, which is the practice of billing each call more the once and using so called add-on programs to inflate the amount of charged for calls after they were rated. Many of these illegal actions were designed to intentionally overcharge customers. The Public Utility Commission report concluded that Global Tel Link overcharged Louisiana taxpayers by $1,243,000.

This report by Louisiana’s Public Utilities Commission report is dated January of 1998 which indicates that Global Tel Link may have been involved in this pattern of highly unethical behavior.

The Chief Executive Officer of Securus America Technologies Richard Smith feels the actions of Global Tel Link were offensive to him personally and the industry as a whole. Mr. Smith believes Global well below the level of integrity most other carriers operate with. He said “Our business’ mission is a lot more than making money. It is to serve all of our customers with their best interests at heart, in the right way.”

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