Eric Pulier: Investing in Technology

Eric Pulier is an American businessman and entrepreneur who found out the potential of technology to become a basis for his business. He managed to open up a lot of opportunities for himself when he decided to establish his first tech company. Eric Pulier is presently living in Los Angeles, Calfornia, where his business headquarters is located. He also participates in several philanthropic works throughout the city, and enjoys a happy, Californian life while doing his best to promote his business.

Back when he was still a child, Eric Pulier knows that he has a love affair with technology. Born and raised in Teaneck, New Jersey, the young Eric Pulier has already been working with computers when he was still in the fourth grade. He also taught himself how to do programming, and other basic computer skills. His expertise in programming expanded when he was in high school, and during this time, he learned more advanced programming tasks, and with every day practice, he is almost perfecting his skill. He created a database company when he was still in high school, but he decided to set aside the idea of making it thrive as he will be entering college. He passed the entrance examination at Harvard University, and he took up an English and American literature course. He would also become the school publication’s editor, writing pieces and having it published all throughout the university. Occasionally, Eric Pulier would go to MIT, Harvard’s neighboring school, to take up extra subjects. In 1988, Eric Pulier graduated at the university, being awarded as the class magna cum laude. Three years after graduating from the university, Eric Pulier decided to move to Los Angeles, California. He established a company named People Doing Things, also known as PDT, with the main objective of addressing the problems revolving around education and health. He established another tech company in 1994, called the Digital Evolution, and it merged with US Interactive LLC – another tech company – in 1998.

Today, Eric Pulier keeps track of his businesses, making sure that it is operating according to his plans. When he is not that busy looking over his businesses, he would ocassionaly participate in different technological events, or do something that would benefit the community, just like what he did with the Starbright World. Eric Pulier never stops on doing businesses. Right after the success of his first two enterprises, he decided to open up three new tech firms, like Desktone, Media Platform and Akana among others.

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The Innovative Evolution in Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is a pioneer when it comes to technology. He has an innovative approach that enables him to see from a unique vantage point. Eric Pulier has written articles that have been published in a renowned fashion. Before Eric became the success that he is today, he started small. However, after he started graduated Harvard University, life began to take form. Eric took a variety of classes that contributed to the evolution of his professional self. He graduated Harvard University in 1988. After graduation, Eric set out to open his first business. His motivation continued to increase, and he started several other businesses. His efforts centered around technology in various fields.

With his successful approach to technological entrepreneurship, His ventures peaked the attention of investors. After Eric’s ventures started generating wealth, Eric did not only think of himself. He has contributed meaningfully to charity. Specifically, he has aided youth who have unfortunate terminal illnesses. He is constantly utilizing humanitarian inspiration to unfold additional ways to create better change in the world. Eric is a proponent of the belief, that contributing to other’s personal well being, in return, is profitable just like startup ventures. The profit is increasing the value in the lives of others, which is a priceless way of giving back to local communities, society as a whole, and global humanity.

Eric has a knack for startup capability and an innovative approach to accomplishing his vision. He is a big picture thinker that can also incorporate the details. Through his broad range and persistent efforts, he continues to come up with new and novel ways to advance technological framework.

In his personal life, Eric Pulier is a resident of Los Angeles, California. He has four children and is hard at work everyday, being a father and successful business man. He continues to accomplish a multitude of goals. His goals include philanthropic efforts and startup ingenuity. His latest startup is vAtomic. This startup tracks products that are digital, enabling easier access for individuals to exchange or change them in transactions from online. His latest venture has the potential to truly effectuate change in online transactions.

About Eric Pulier:

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