Jeff Herman: An Attorney Leading The Way In Abuse Lawsuits

He is a nationally recognized attorney for his tireless fight on sexual abuse cases. Jeff Herman is a huge voice for those victimized of either sexual exploitation, rape or any other horrible acts of sexual violence. He currently leads his firm as the founder and managing partner. Herman Law has taken on hundreds of case helping victims fight back. Herman states that he’s learned to scale down cases in their most simple form and stick to the facts. This always guides the case for him. His team diligently attacks all information surrounding the case and constantly fact-checks everything they find. Herman admits that he is more visually inclined and organizes his cases this way. He says it’s important to have a visual focus that allows you to put the pieces together. Herman shares that it is always a sad thing to hear about so many victims nowadays, but he thinks it has brought people together.

He goes on to state that he deals with the ugliness of humanity and isn’t immune to getting his heart broken by his clients. It wasn’t too long ago he considered quitting the profession all together. It made him physically ill at times having to review all the content of his work. He decided to take up what is called Biometric training. It gives him a chance to not get emotionally attached to his cases or be consumed by them. Herman states that a team of doctors really helped him understand his client’s feelings more without taking on their feelings as his own. Jeff Herman works long tired hours and his workload is intense, to say the least. His career has made him very passionate about his field of work.

Jeff Herman strives to make sure his clients feel empowered in some way. He has been devoted to fighting their case and doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. Herman is motivated, focused on the facts and seeks justice for all victims harmed. It is with this confidence he knows he will prevail and is a large part of his overall success today.