Guilherme Paulus Is A Successful Entrepreneur In Brazil

Brazil has a diverse, rapidly growing and fascinating economy that offers rewards for entrepreneurship and the hard work that it takes to make a company work.

This can be seen in the work of Guilherme Paulus, who is the founder CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A.

It is a company that runs tours and resorts, not only in Brazil, but internationally as well. Guilherme Paulus is the genius and entrepreneur behind the fast-growing enterprise. Since he started his first hotel over twenty years ago, nearly 100,00 people have stayed at resorts and hotels owned by Guilherme Paulus. GJP Hotels and Resorts operates over 20 resorts and hotels.


The idea for the company did not come from him personally at first, but from a man, a state deputy, whom he first met while on a trip. It was interesting in that Guilherme Paulus had the expertise, but the other man had the money, and came up with the investment. They formed a unique partnership in this way, and the company came into being. He opened a store beside a movie theater, insuring that plenty of people saw his store. This was one of the first things he learned. To be in the public eye and to be seen was the best idea. Four years later, he was on his own.

Guilherme Paulus has a personal motto that he remembers well and lives by: “Save a penny to have a million.” That is how he operates his company. Up close and personal, he is a ‘hands on’ type of businessman. He goes to his hotels and meets his guests and talks with his employees. He is there, not at an office miles away, but right where he should be. He works with his people. That is what has made the entrepreneurship of this extraordinary man a wonderful success story.

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Matthew Fleeger: An Experienced Top Executive

Matthew Fleeger is the CEO, President, and Director of Gulf Coast Western, LLC. He has extensive experience in the gas and oil industry and served as the Vice-President of Kinlaw Oil Company from 1990 to 1993. Mr Fleeger has also served as a director of both Medsolutions, Inc. and Palm Beach Tan, Inc.

Mr Fleeger graduated from Southern Methodist University (SMU) where he received his undergraduate degree in business. His time at SMU also gave him the opportunity to research both finance and marketing. These fields were crucial to learning how to be a skilled business executive.

After entering the work force, Mr Fleeger worked at several companies around the state of Texas including Gulf Coast Western, the company first created by his father. These early years of experience would be crucial in helping him run additional companies within the oil and gas industry. Part of that experience came from Mr Fleeger’s work in Medsolutions, Inc.

Medsolutions, Inc. is a medical waste identification, transportation, and disposal company that was created by Mr Fleeger in 1993. Over the next 14 years, Mr Fleeger took the company from a small-scale operation to one of the region’s largest businesses in the management of waste from the healthcare industry. He later sold the company to Stericycle, Inc. for about $59 million.

After his time at Medsolutions, Mr Fleeger returned to Gulf Coast Western as the President and CEO where he serves to this day. He has also created two new businesses in the tanning industry: Palm Beach Tan and Mystic Tan. Together these companies generate revenue of close to $100 million. Mr Fleeger hopes to continue to bring his companies to greater success in the future.