Finding Unique Places to Stay When Visiting London

Visiting London is as much about where you end up staying for the duration of your visit as what you see and do. A great spot can really change the way you see and enjoy the city, introduce you to some great dining options, and can even allow you to delve into the local culture in a way that you wouldn’t be able to at a more traditional lodging.

London is a city made up of several very distinct neighborhoods, and the one you decide to stay in for your visit shapes your daily activities. Many neighborhoods are filled with locals, folks that are Londoners through and through, so in these parts of town you can really get a feel for the day to day life of a Londoner. Other areas cater to tourists and visitors, so while the prices may be higher and the fare might not be as authentic, you will find a lot of options and convenience. It really is all about the location because every day, and throughout the day, you will be heading back into and through the same neighborhood.

Websites and services like LondonEscape helps you find London vacation rentals for any amount of time that you are traveling. Whether you want a place to call home for the week or just a weekend, every property that they help manage is able to give you what you are looking for in a London stay. The escapes are right in the middle of everything, in neighborhoods that families, professionals and students live and work in, which means you get an authentic London experience for your own trip. Regular travelers know all about the benefits of seeing large cities this way because it gives you a home base from which to explore.

Another very important aspect of traveling and staying in local accommodations is being sure that you are getting the best customer service and reliability. Being able to stay in contact with people, have problems that arise addressed as soon as possible, and have that insider knowledge is always great. Most travelers don’t like to book their stays without all of that in place. London Escape is able to provide all of its clients with that and more. Knowing that you have dedicated staff in the city that is able to address any immediate needs makes it easier to just enjoy the rest of your vacation.