EOS’ Crystal Lip Balm is in your future!

A lot of us tend to have the same problems with our lip balm on the day-to-day. Either it dries out, we start to hate the taste, or just want something new in general. Eos’ crystal lip balm is the perfect addition to anyone’s collection, with two flavors: Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid. Both are available for just $5, and seem to last quite awhile in comparison to other products on average.

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One thing that people seem to really be enjoying is the fact that they can really see through the product almost entirely. It really holds up to its name, giving people a fun & more or less unnoticeable result. It’s also worth mentioning that the flavors are fantastic — definitely worth the money hands down.

Eos’ Crystal Lip Balm is widely available in stores, and can also be purchased online in quite a few major retailers. Most people have been looking for bulk deals on both flavors, as well as looking into the other lines of lip balm that they have. Beyond their two crystal lip balms, they also produce a variety of other different types. It’s really all part of the ‘beauty’ in organic beauty.

Eos is widely known for its focus on making natural products, and the crystal line is no exception to the formula. The lip balm is vegan, and uses a natural blend of ingredients that are guaranteed to leave your lips feeling soft, view here. If you have ever had problems with dry or extremely ‘chapped’ lips; Eos products will probably help you much more than most lip balms have.

Let your natural beauty shine, with Eos’ $5 Crystal Clear Lip balm located in a retailer near you, hop on amazon.com.

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