Mint Flavors from EOS

There are many different mint flavored lip balms that you can choose between, though many of these mint offerings have this painful flavor that reminds you of medicine rather than lip balm. An exception to this rule is EOS which has a truly enjoyable set of mint lip balms to choose from. Reviewing these mint lip balm offerings was a real pleasure and a break from the standard mint flavored balms from Blistex and Chapstick.

The two mint offerings from EOS are sweet mint and vanilla mint. Sweet mint is more of the traditional mint flavored offering with a classic mint flavor that doesn’t have the artificial flavor that many mint balms have, check on Vanilla mint has a subtle flavor of vanilla that makes the lip balm very distinct and different from other mint flavors. This keeps the flavor fresh and interesting and is a great alternative to other mint offerings.  Additional details on

EOS lip balms taste more natural and resemble the real mint flavors that you find in the garden as opposed to the artificial mint flavors that are commonly used. Part of the reason for this is the high quality ingredients that EOS places in their lip balms. EOS has long prided themselves on including quality ingredients in their lip balm that are all-natural and organically sourced. The high quality nature of these products really stand through to their customers who long for the superior quality of the lip balm and the lasting moisture that it provides to your lips.  Go straight to this useful site.

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