Sean Penn Rants Throughout New Book Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Sean Penn has turned novelist with the publication of new book, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff“. The book is a longer version of an audio book Penn released a few years earlier. The audio book joined the creative machinations of many outspoken celebs during the Hilary v. Trump election campaign. These celebs used commercials, awards acceptance speeches, public engagements, and books to speak of the danger of elected Donald Trump. Now years later Penn has returned to the world of Bob Honey, to tell us all how he thinks things are going.


The book is narrated by the quirky character Pappy Pariah, whom Penn first credited with writing the book years ago. He has now taken full ownership so Pappy is relegated to narrator status, but he uses it to tell the fascinating story of Bob Honey. Of course by fascinating we mean absolutely crazy.

Bob Honey takes place in a dystopian version of the U.S. of A., the version many political optimists believe we are headed for right now. The country is under the rule of Mr. Landlord, who is obviously modeled after Donald Trump. Honey is a Sean Penn-esque character who is disgruntled with pretty much everything around him. The country he once loved has lost its luster and Honey is mad.


Bob Honey used to work as a septic tank salesman, but now holds a host of jobs. One of his jobs is working for the government, as an assassin. In fact the shady organization he works for contracts him to kill geriatrics to weed down the population. He dispatches them with a mallet.


Like any satire the book is filled with social commentary, commentary that can be relegated to real life society. Penn’s whirlwind style of writing contains many little nuggets of truth within it frenzied prose, although readers may have to dig a little to find them. His comments and descriptions are lavish and completely from left field. The book seems to have no concrete plot but instead moves in an series of episodes.


Penn used the book to talk about everything that’s bothering him, in some cases making no effort to disguise the subject of his focus. He hides El Chapo behind the veil of a character named Fletcher, but mentions #MeToo by name. The book does not hold back in its savagery, and defiantly makes its authors point with flair.

Gregory Aziz As CEO The National Steel Car

National Steel Car is a manufacturer of railroad freight cars. The company was established at the beginning of the last century, meaning that it is currently over one hundred years old. Despite being in the industry for such a long time, it is still one of the most successful businesses of our times. National Steel Car has managed to live for such a long time, one because of the good management of Gregory Aziz and secondly the quality products they produce which are loved by their customers. National Steel Car has been producing railroad freight cars that are of superior quality since it was established and this is the reason why despite turbulent times in the economy, it has managed to last for so many years.


The role of Gregory Aziz in the development of this company cannot be underestimated. He took over the management at a time when the company was close to collapsing. It did not take him long to realize what the problem was. He quickly assembled a team that would help him change the company. The team includes top professionals in the engineering sector who could ensure that the production lines were efficiently working. Click Here for more information.


Gregory Aziz took over the management of the company, and in just five years, everything had changed. The company is now leading in the development of the railroad freight cars which are supplied all over the world. The development of the company proved that Gregory Aziz was a leading professional who understood the issues which affected business development. Not many people can manage to take over the development of a business that was collapsing and push growth in the manner in which Gregory Aziz did with the National Steel Car. National Steel Car has been growing rapidly over the last couple of years. Since Gregory Aziz ensured that the system was up and running again, the company’s production has never gone below at any other point in time.


Gregory Aziz had gained experience in business management after he graduated from the university. Immediately after he graduated from the Western Ontario University, he joined his family in running a foods company. He would become a significant player in the growth of the firm helping it to open up business operations in other parts of Canada and the United States. Gregory J Aziz is now ranked among the top investors in North America with a manufacturing plant worth million.



Dr. Saad’s Inventions Improve Surgical Devices

Medical Daily Times published the article “The Life Saving Medical Inventions of Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon”. In the article, BJ Hetherington discusses the recent patents of the pediatric surgeon. Dr. Saad has been a pediatric surgeon for more than 40 years, providing services to his local community and abroad. He has even acted as the pediatric surgeon for the royal family in Saudi Arabia. He was also the first pediatric surgeon certified by the United States board who could fluently speak Arabic and English. Recently, he has gone to both the West Bank and Jerusalem to provide complicated surgeries to the underserved and destitute children.


Recently, Dr. Saad’s latest accomplishment is the release of two patents for surgical tools that will improve the lives of many, including the doctors. One patent is the improvement of the endoscope. The endoscope is a medical tool used during surgery or examinations in order to look inside the patient’s body without having to conduct surgery. Through the endoscope, the physicians are able to look inside the bladder, the colon, the stomach, and even the windpipe. Since the body has a variety of liquids and gas inside it, it is natural that some liquid would eventually get in the way of the endoscope, thereby inhibiting the vision of the doctor. Traditionally, if this occurred, the doctor would need to remove the device completely and remove the liquid prior to continuing the exam.


However, with Dr. Saad’s latest addition to the endoscope, that won’t be necessary any more. The apparatus Dr. Saad attached to the endoscope allows for immediate suction or irrigation 12without losing visual contact with the necessary location. The suction device allows the doctor to keep his eye on the scope while the liquid is removed. Learn more:


He has also made improvements to the catheter, a tool used frequently by surgeons. The catheter can drain liquid and gases and does a variety of other tasks depending upon the model. One key aspect to using a catheter is that the doctor needs to be aware of its precise location within the body so it may function correctly. Typically, this would require an MRI scan or an X-ray to ensure that the catheter is in the correct location. This causes a variety of issues for the doctor. The MRI scan is a cumbersome and large machine that is not easily moved, which means the patient would need to be transported to the location of the MRI machine. This is often impractical for the doctors. The X-ray is no solution, however. Using an x-ray forces the doctor to expose his patients to more radiation than necessary.


Dr. Saad created a device that will allow the physicians to locate the catheter immediately without dealing with the large machine or overexposure to radiation. The device works similarly to a metal detector where the doctor sweeps the device over the patient’s body until the catheter is located.