Omar Yunes – One of the Most Successful Franchisees in the World

The food industry is amongst the most competitive industries in the world today. It is more so when it comes to the restaurant business as people have become health conscious as well as very choosy about what kind of food they would like and where they should eat. The world of internet has made the restaurant business even more competitive as people can very easily give a good or bad rating to any restaurant, which can work negatively for the particular restaurant that got a negative rating. In such a competitive industry, Omar Yunes of Mexico managed to run 13 franchise units of Sushi Itto brand successfully for the last many years. The fact that he started his first franchise unit when he was just 21 also adds to his credibility and credential as a successful franchise.


It is his achievements over the years that have made Omar Yunes a familiar name in the food industry of Mexico. He is one of the youngest and the most successful entrepreneurs in Mexico. Over the years, Omar has won many awards in the industry, and to add to it, he even won the Best Franchisee of the World Competition in 2015. It is not a small achievement by any means, considered hundreds of franchise from 34 countries participated in the BFW competition in 2015 Edition. It goes on to showcase the high standards that Omar Yunes has maintained in his work, which has helped him achieve such great heights of success. Omar Yunes was blessed with an entrepreneurial spirit from the very young age, and even after he comes from a family that has the sound financial background, he never wanted to bank upon his family’s wealth to lead his life.


It is his eagerness to build his own business and run it successfully that has helped him to become one of the most successful franchisees in the world today. However, even after becoming so successful, Omar Yunes continues to be humble and grounded when it comes to his nature and personality. When being awarded at the BFW Competition, he made sure that he gave the credit for his success to his loyal team of 400 employees, who put in every effort day and night to run his 13 Franchise units of Sushi Itto successfully.

Omar Yunes – Deserved Success and Recognition in the Industry

The annual award for the Best Franchisee in the World, or BFW for short is probably one of the most highly regarded awards in the industry. The placeholder of this award for the year of 2015 was working at the Asian food chain called Sushi Itto. His name is Mr. Omar Yunes, and he has been with Sushi Itto for decades.

Mr. Omar Yunes had come a long way since he started out at Sushi Itto when he was in his early 20s. Up to date, Mr. Omar Yunes is an owner of some of the shares of Sushi Itto. He is in charge of ten percent which makes thirteen units of the Japanese food chain. He has many responsibilities as the owner and franchisee. Mr. Omar Yunes has to coordinate the teams as well as among them. There is a total of four hundred people working at the thirteen units, and Mr. Omar Yunes has to make sure that each one of them is satisfied with their job and is working efficiently and with motivation.
Taking care of those responsibilities well is one of the reasons why Mr. Omar Yunes won the award for the Best Franchisee in the World. The jury is strict and objective. The other requirements are to have had a positive influence not only on your brand but on the entire industry as a whole; proposing new methods and being innovative as well as conscientious with resources such as money.

The ceremony at which Mr. Omar Yunes received his BFW award was in Italy. The city of choice was Florence. There was a gala with hundreds of guests from over a few dozen countries. There were representatives of businesses, leaders such as chief executive officers, employees, family members, and so on. Mr. Omar Yunes gave a speech as well. He shared his feelings with the crowd. Many of his employees were present as well. Mr. Omar Yunes felt that he was only one person standing at the stage, holding an award but it belonged to all of the four hundred people who have been striving hard to achieve the best results.

Non-Profit Avaaz Is Taking On The World

Avaaz is a non-profit organization that promotes activism across the globe. Avaaz empowers a diverse group of people to promote change around the important issues that affect everyone on the planet. Avaaz was co-founded in 2007 by a remarkable partnership between and Res Publica,and supported by the Service Employees International Union. The people that helped make Avaaz a reality include Tom Perriello, Ricken Patel, Eli Pariser, Tom Pravda, David Madden, Jeremy Heimans and Andrea Woodhouse.Ricken Patel is the founding President and Executive Director. He brings his experience working for the International Crisis Group, where he was highly effective in sensitive negotiations, public policies and justice restoration.

Avaaz has created a new model for effective social activism. The non-profit polls their members weekly and takes random responses to see which global issues are most important to them, then they go to work. Avaaz takes full advantage of the technologically connected world that we live in. Staff members create actionable campaigns by sending out information driven emails; if their members show interest in the campaign, then Avaaz and the members go forward with the campaign. It’s not unusual for members to take the lead in moving ideas forward – this is the model that Avaaz is built around.

Avaaz takes on significant global issues such as climate change, poverty, political injustice and human and animal rights. Since Avaaz doesn’t focus on just one issue, the non-profit can mobilize their resources in support of the issue of the moment. Avaaz has offices in six continents, thousands of volunteers and campaigns in 15 different languages. They take action by sending emails, lobbying, organizing protests and events, and funding media spots. In addition, Avaaz members have access to the Community Petitions platform so that they can create their own.

Mexico Opens the Door for Energy Reform and Talos Steps in

Back in 2015 the Mexican government announced that there would be a reconsideration of regulations concerning the country’s energy markets. The tepid move into a larger world of oil companies bidding for rights to drill invited many in what’s shaping up to be the energy story of the year.

One of the first companies to respond to this policy shift was a Talos Energy, a Houston-based oil and gas company that entered into a venture with UK energy company Premier Oil and Sierra Oil & Gas of Mexico. This partnership aggressively pushed for first rights to drill in Mexican waters. After more than a year of lobbying, Talos and company were able to secure a $16 million deal and became the first venture of private companies to use foreign money to explore in Mexican waters. It’s the first time any entity other than the government-owned Petroleos Mexicanos has drilled there in nearly 80 years.

Talos is confined to the Sureste Basin, located near Tabasc. There, the Zama-1 well is estimated to produce some 500 million barrels of crude oil. They have a total of 90 days to extract it all before their permit ends.

While Talos expects this to be a fruitful business venture, the energy company has also attracted the interest of speculators for even more reasons. According to London analysts with the Edison Investment Research, there’s increased interest in the changes to Mexico’s energy industry. A successful venture for Talos doesn’t just mean good business for the energy company, it signals a new environment that makes things more competitive for Petroleos Mexicanos in territory that still as much to be uncovered.

About Talos Energy:

Talos Energy is a oil and gas company headquartered in Houston, Texas. Talos is a leader in offshore exploration and the development of deep-water assets in and around the Gulf of Mexico. With experience working in a challenging region, Talos has been foremost in testing innovative technologies and developing new approaches to discovering energy.

With over a decade of operations, Talos Energy has cemented its position as a leader in North American energy while also doing their part to maintain the integrity of the environment. With a stellar reputation and a growing resume of success, Talos Energy has consistently grown as a company by expanding their partnerships and business worldwide.

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Cancer Treatment just got Better with Allscripts Sunrise

Billing is an extremely important and necessary of the cancer treatment process. Billing is necessary because cancer specialists that provides care to people must be paid for the work they do. An oncologist is a medical professional that specializes in the treatment of cancer. They have been educated and trained in this profession and they must be paid for the hard work they do. After all, they are instrumental in the fight against cancer.

Other medical professionals such as doctors, surgeons, nurses and researchers are also allies in this struggle. Each of these unique medical professionals are on the front line of most cancer battles. They are the ones that provide support and assistance to patients. In a lot of cases, they even take the lead in the fight against cancer.

Cancer patients should receive the best treatment possible. However, their cancer care teams should get paid for their services. Treatment facilities which provide new treatment options and researched knowledge should be compensated as well. Finding cures for cancer treatment is not easy so payment is necessary.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) understands this point. They know the services that they provide are not easy to perform and to carry out. CTCA has created the Allscripts Sunrise software program to keep accurate patient records and billing information.

This tool is necessary for billing insurance companies and for properly charging for treatment options. CTCA is now implementing this program into their system so that patients can receive the best care possible. Actually, patient billing and cancer treatment in general just got better with Allscripts Sunrise.

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Brian Bonar Knows A Lot About the Finance Profession

As a finance executive and entrepreneur, Brian Bonar is exceptional at what he does. He is as proven as anyone in his field with decades off experience under his belt. Bonar’s track record is nearly spotless with a few blemishes here and there to prove he’s human. As the years have gone on he’s only improved and become a better decision maker. His keen instinct makes him a well respected leader in the industry. He has held several prominent positions for a variety of different companies.He is the current CEO and Chairman of Trucept Inc. as well as, Dalrada Financial Corporation.

He had been with the latter company for more than 15 years before deciding to step down earlier this year. He has a reputation as someone in power who’s easy to work with and is well liked by team members and project partners. He has the uncanny ability to balance being an asset on design processes and having a healthy rapport with clients.Although Bonar is a merger and acquisition specialist he can do a little of everything very effectively. He has shown a natural prowess for marketing techniques, private equity, and small business management. He just has a different approach to things than others.

Part of that can no doubt be attributed to his background in technology. He studied mechanical engineering at both James Watt Technical College and Stafford University.Brian Bonar has definitely made his mark on the finance profession. When his career is over and done with his name will be spoken among other elite finance executives. Hopefully retirement is a long way away for Bonar. It’s easy to see he still enjoys the work environment. He works just as hard now as he did when he started his career close to 30 years ago.

Omar Yunes Given First Place Title

Sushi Itto is a very successful Japanese style restaurant food chain. They have been operating in Mexico for quite some time now and have seen many improvements over the years. Much of this success can be contributed to Sushi Itto’s Franchisee, Omar Yunes. Yunes first bought the franchise when he was 21 years old and has since opened up an additional 13 units. He has roughly 400 employees which he manages and keeps track of very well. In light of all his accomplishments, Omar Yunes was named Best Franchisee of The World in the 2015 international competition that took place in Florence, Italy. This event takes place every year and representatives from all across the world come together to recognize great leaders. There were people from places like Hungary, Portugal, Spain, France, and even Mexico.

Franchisees are judged based on multiple factors. They want to see someone who is able to encourage and motivate employees, someone who creates an immense amount of savings, and a leader who puts new policies and procedures in place that benefit the company. Omar Yunes successfully did all of these things. One of the judges, Diego Elizarrarras, spoke about the relationship Omar Yunes created with Sushi Itto. They could tell that the relationship was not like the traditional one normally seen, but that it was unique and very personable. Another notable contribution Omar Yunes made was that he implemented new control measures to help the brand stay successful.

Omar Yunes is one of the first people from Mexico to represent the country at the Best Farnchisee of the World competition. Another man who was competing against Omar Yunes, also from Mexico, was Iván Tamer. He is Franchisee of Prendamex. Prendamex is a series of Pawnshops located in and throughout Mexico. Ivan Tamer was recognized for the tools he created which helped implement a new marketing system. Many people are already trying to simulate this system because of the success he has had with it thus far. Together, these two men are getting Mexico the recognition they deserve.

Omar Yunes Helps Sushi Itto Gain Recognition

Being called Best Franchisee of the World is a very distinguishable an honorable title to receive. In 2015, Omar Yunes recieved such an award. He walked away taking the number one slot as best franchisee in the whole entire world. The competition took place in Florence, Italy and included people from countries like Spain, Portugal, France, Hungary, and even Omar Yunes’ home country, Mexico. Before being sent to compete in the world final, Omar Yunes competed against people from his own country in a regional version of the event. Two franchisees were sent as representatives of Mexico to compete in Florence.

The main goal of The best franchisee in the world competition is to award and recognize leaders who’s talents stand out from the rest. A judge will look at aspects such as improvements leaders make to the network, what kind of saving programs they implement, the creative style and personality they add to the brand, and what knowledge they pour into the company. A successful franchise will exhibit all these characteristics and then even some that judges don’t expect. Omar Yunes was one of these leaders.

Omar Yunes is franchisee of Sushi Itto and has shown more success within his network than many businesses see in their lifetime. He originally purchased the franchise at age 21 and has expanded into 13 units since. Omar Yunes employes around 400 workers and is decicated to keeping his employees and customers satisfied. The reason he was able to walk away with the first place prize so easily is due to the fact but he added his own unique spin to the typical franchise and franchisee relationship. While maintaining a proffesional attitude, Omar Yunes personally interacted with the people of Sushi Itto. He was easily relatable and easy to talk to. His unique style of leadership is what ultimately led to better customer service relationships.

The second representative that Mexico sent to compete in the world final was Iván Tamer. He was rewarded for the new marketing system he put in place within his series of franchises called Prendamex.

Bruce Bent II: A skilled entrepreneur and Patent Expert

Bruce Bent II stands out as a business executive who wears several hats and skillfully undertakes management roles. He is the vice chairman of Double Rock, a cash management and financial technology company based in New York. The company is a proud innovator of several cash-related technology solutions and has six subsidiaries. Bent serves as a senior executive to each of the subsidiaries of Double Rock.

Bent is accredited with the success of The Reserve Primary Fund, a money-market fund founded by his father in the early 1970s and the leader in the money-fund market. He oversaw the growth of several products offered by The Reserve, where cash assets grew from$4 billion to over $130 billion in his 17-years’ tenure. Mr. Bent’s success is well grounded in his wide experience and knowledge of financial markets, technologies and intellectual property.

Bent is a holder of over 60 privately held patents, most of which have greatly impacted the FDIC-Insured cash roll out. His outlook has given much-needed leadership in the dynamic yet conservative financial market. He was at one time a columnist for the World Journal and China Press. His visionary view of management and the general contributions to the business world have led him to be featured in the book Leadership Secrets of the World’s Most Successful CEOs. Also, The Corporate Insider’s Guide to U.S. Patent Practice has also quoted Mr. Bent as a lead expert on matters patent.

When the Lehman Brothers went down in 2008, Bent undertook the delicate process of winding down The Reserve money market mutual funds products.

As a successful entrepreneur, Bruce Bent II is a member of several organizations that encourages entrepreneurship and advances the business platforms including Young Presidents’ Organization and the 99 Jane Street Condominium Association where is a board member. He is also a former member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization in Manhattan.

For more information on Bruce Bent II on Twitter @bbentii

Honey Birdette Brand’s Groundbreaking Projects and Plans

Boutiques’ products vary, and underclothes are one of the common outfits. Honey Birdette, a renowned lingerie brand, is a top retail and online distributor of underwear. It was instituted by Eloise Monaghan back in 2006. This brand has gained popularity in recent years due to its robust online marketing strategies and presence on social media avenues, such as Facebook and Instagram. It is backed by BBRC, a private investment firm.

The rapid expansion of Honey Birdette

The brand was launched online by Eloise after making significant online sales, which were valued to a 374 percent increment in a twelve months duration. The business moved out of Australia in last year and opened its physical stores in London-based Covent Garden. Honey Birdette later opened two other stores in Westfield White City and Leeds’ Victoria Gate. Prices for briefs start around 35 euros for the premium label and 65 euros for bras.

Back in its headquarters in Australia, Honey Birdette has opened 55 shops. The brand has plans of moving to the U.S. and own a fleet of retail openings. In the UK, they also have the aim of advancing the stores count. Birdette plans to reach out to more customers. Honey Birdette has announced the openings they have lined up already in the UK. They include Liverpool, Leeds, Newcastle, and Westfield Stratford. By the end of 2018, they are targeting forty stores. The brand will be aiming at expanding its presence in Europe.

The e-commerce technique has boosted the enterprise. The online marketing and purchasing have made easier for the brand to have a wider scope of operation. Its website is classy with ease to use, and they offer shipment services to clients overseas. They provide free delivery services for any purchase exceeding $50. The main agenda is to enhance the experience both new and existing customers.