Billionaire George Soros is back to funding political activities gain. Soros together with other liberal billionaires has bankrolled $15 million donations which are set to help the Democratic Party in its 2016 election campaign according to NY Times. The money is meant to mobilize the Latinos and other immigrants living in the United States into voting the party come November this year. George Soros have been funding Democratic political activities for a long time now. In the year 2004, he led a $200 million advertisement project which opted to remove George Bush from power. The project however failed and Democratic Party’s John Kerry LOST TO George Bush. George is an immigrant from Hungary who came to the United States after failing to stand the Nazi activities. He has therefore been spearheading and funding many Latino and immigrant organizations and education programs.
The fifteen million US dollars that George Soros and other liberal sponsors have donated will be used to mobilize Latinos. This will be done by targeting the states that have big Latino and immigrant numbers. These are Nevada, Florida, and Colorado. The project is meant to take advantage of Donald Trump’s rhetoric against the immigrants. The Republicans have vowed to make things hard for all the immigrants living in the country. The donation is, therefore, going to aid the Democrats in seeking a large voter turnout, not only from the already Democratic supporting Latinos but to garner new support and raise the party’s total tally. This campaign aims at getting more than 400,000 new Democrat supporters t take their support to the ballot in November.
This year, Soros has made donations and political funding that is almost $13 million in total. This is by putting on the record all the political findings which encompass senatorial and gubernatorial funding. Soros and the liberal donors are making the move to mobilize the Latinos amid issues by the immigrants and other Latinos who think that the Democratic leadership under Obama did not grant the immigrants the rights that had been promised during the campaigning. There is also a big tug between the interparty politics whereby supporters of Clinton and Sanders fail to understand the need to unite under the party.
Bernie Sanders is among the donors who have aided the Democratic campaigns. He is part of the Super PACs funding and apart from his candidature in the party, he has been able to work on getting more donations to help in the party’s activities. Trump and his Republican counterparts are still more confirmations that would not do anything to tolerate immigrants in the US. Soros is further struck by Trump’s remarks that he would ban Muslim refugees seeking asylum in the country. This and another rhetoric is what has prompted George Soros into making the funding.