Securus Technologies Taking Drone Detection Technology to the Next Level

Today, drones are being used for varied applications. Developing in modern technologies has allowed the drone manufacturers to deliver drones that are smaller, functional, faster and even cheaper. Even though it has led to its increased usage in many industries, they are also posing as a threat to humans in many situations. Drones are widely being used to violate the privacy of others and to be used in non-flight zones by people to carry out illegal activities or to harm other people. The situations comprising of drones can quickly turn deadly if something is not done to block the use of drones for criminal activities.


Smuggling of goods inside a prison is not a new thing. It has been going on for years, but drones have made it easier to smuggle items inside the prison and still not be caught. The worst part is that the drones are not easily visible during the night making it difficult for the prison officials to keep an eye on them. To prevent such dangerous situations, Securus Technology has devised a drone detection technology that would allow the prison officials to keep a check on any upcoming drones. They can signal the officials if some drones in near the prison, but can help give the coordinates of the drone so that they can be caught and do not fall into the wrong hands.


Securus Technologies is a reputed inmate communication company that has been in the industry for many years. The company is known for its customer service and ensure that all of its clients are happy with it. The company has won numerous awards in the past years that show their dedication towards providing their clients with the best service possible. In 2018, Securus Technologies was given not one, but three Stevie awards for excellence in customer service.



Securus Technologies: Monitoring Contraband Cellphones

Securus Technologies is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the United States, and they primarily serve prisons. They are manufacturing devices that can be used by the prisoners to call their loved ones outside, and at the same time, these devices are being monitored by the authorities who are guarding them. The devices are equipped with voice recording technology, and every conversation made with devices from Securus Technologies will be transmitted to a central office inside the correctional facility that can be recorded by the jail guards. These devices are being used to stop the crimes happening inside the jail, and most of the time, the authorities are successful in preventing crimes to occur inside the prison.


Despite the effort of Securus Technologies to provide communication inside the prison, some prisoners tend to use a cell phone that cannot be tracked down and recorded by the authorities. These cell phones are tagged as contraband, and they are being confiscated. One of the reasons why contraband cell phones are being taken away from the prisoners is because of its capability to initiate contact with the outside world without being detected. Several people have perished outside of the prison because someone inside has access to cell phones, and they have contacted a hired hitman to kill or to injure someone they don’t like. It has happened to a local jail guard in Florida, wherein two men shot him in his stomach six times. They were hired by an individual serving inside the prison, who had a contraband cell phone. Miraculously, the jail guard survived, and he did everything that he can to confiscate the remaining contraband cell phones in the state. The jail guard would soon join Securus Technologies to become one of their employees.


Securus Technologies has been working on a wireless containment system, a technology they revealed that will combat the use of contraband cell phones inside the correctional facilities. This technology will disable any phone calls coming from regular cell phones from reaching the number that they dialed, and even messaging would fail. Securus Technologies stated that they are hoping that the introduction of the wireless containment system would prevent the atrocities committed by inmates against people who are living peacefully outside. The jail guard who was victimized by hired killers stated his excitement for the technology developed by Securus Technologies. He said that because of their wireless containment system, his colleagues who are working in danger can now be protected. He is hoping that the technology will be released as soon as possible, and he sees that those who are working in the same industry would now be protected from any harm involving the use of contraband cell phones. Securus Technologies would continue working with the authorities to suppress any form of violence inside the prison.


Securus Technologies Help Law Enforcement Keep Communities Safe

Securus Technologies is a security technology company that specializes in keeping you and your family safe. Securus Technologies was founded on the promise of keeping the communities it is involved in and its people safe. The technologies offered by Securus Technologies are designed to help local law firms and agencies collect, consolidate, visualize, store, and distribute information in a more accurate way in real time to help ensure that they are being supported in their efforts to keep the communities around them safe as possible.

Securus Technologies offers services ranging from allowing people in the community to communicate with incarcerated loved ones to helping police and first responders respond to emergencies and handle the incidences that are occurring in their local communities every day. They provide investigation tools to help the local law enforcement look into incidences that are happening and track the information in an accurate way so that they can look back on it later when prosecuting the charges to the person who committed the crime. They offer corrections solutions including assistance with people who are incarcerated for crimes, and also provide inmate self-management services to help the inmates rehabilitate and integrate back into society quickly as possible. They also offer systems to monitor inmates to ensure they are within their parameters and allowed areas to keep them where they need to beg.

How Securus Technologies Keeps the Jail One Step Ahead of Inmates

I work in a very crowded and dangerous jail, and letting my guard down for just one second could be deadly. These inmates are looking around the clock for any opportunity to exploit our weaknesses for their gain. Every single day we confiscate weapons, drugs, and even cellphones, and despite our best efforts, the contraband continues to show up.


Now you might think that in a prison it should be impossible for the inmates to get their hands on all these illegal things. The inmates will tell you that they can get these items easier in jail than if they tried while on the streets. That posses a very serious problem for me and my fellow inmates.


To start the day, I work the visitors area, carefully checking every person that comes in the jail for anything they can give to the inmates. Even with this security measure, stuff gets by. The same with surprise cell inspections, the inmates are either tipped off or they know how to hide the items so well that we can not find them.


When Securus Technologies installed our new inmate communication system, we finally had the ability to turn the tables on the inmates. Despite their best efforts to disguise their conversations, the LBS software would tip us off to certain chatter that alerted us to contraband in the cells. Inmates have that need to brag, otherwise, why would they try to get away with so much.


Time after time, we now are able to pick up on conversations where the inmate is talking with family about how and where they hide their drugs. We strike fast, and within minutes have the cell open and find the items in question before the inmates can even react.


The LBS software has been invaluable in helping to curb drug use in our jail.


Maintaining Relationships While Incarcerated with Securus Technologies Video Visitation

Securus Technologies is an industry leader when it comes to technological solutions to benefit the criminal justice system. The technology provided by Securus Technologies has a focus on public safety as well.


One of the widely utilized technologies from Securus Technologies is Video Visitation. Currently, Video Visitation is being used by 178 correctional departments or agencies in the United States.


Video Visitation permits incarcerated individuals the ability to have meaningful visits with friends and family while in jail or prison. Research makes it clear that those individuals who maintain consistent contact with loved ones while in jail or prison have better chances for post-release success. The community as a whole benefits because the recidivism rate is cut, and sometimes significantly so.


One of the unique benefits of Securus Technologies Video Visitation is that it allows inmates and loved ones the ability to enjoy holiday visitation. Oftentimes, visitation on major holidays is not possible. Institutions may not schedule holiday visits. Family members and other loved ones may have a difficult time getting to a correctional facility for a holiday visit.


With Video Visitation from Securus Technologies, the possibility exists to have visitation literally any time of the year, including on any major holiday. In the final analysis, the ability to have holiday visitation is a tremendous opportunity for an incarcerated person and his or her loved ones, particularly an inmate’s children.


Video Visitation is a highly affordable alternative for correctional departments. Traditional in-person visitation costs an average of about $100 for each individual visit session. Video Visitation from Securus Technologies costs $2.72 for each session, an average savings of $97 for each individual visit. This amounts to a significant financial savings for a correctional department. In this era of tight budgets, cost savings such as this are extremely important, allowing money to be spent in other crucial areas.


Securus Technologies And Visitation Videos Are A Hit

At Securus Technologies it is all the talk about their commercials for the video visitations that are coming out in the net month. These commercials will allow the public to see how important thee video visitations are to the correction facilities and to the prisoners. It is evident, that even incarcerated people need to be able to have a part of the holidays too. The video visitations allow them to do this, and they can see and hear their loved ones. They can watch them open presents, and take part in the meal. It is very important to the prisoners, and it gives them a better sense of peace. This allows the atmosphere in facility to remain cam and everyone is a lot safer.


Using the video visitations so far has been a huge success for everyone involved. The facility saves money, as well as the visitor to the prisoner. It is a winning situation for everyone involved. Securus Technologies hopes the commercials will allow the public to see jut how important the video visitations are.


Securus Technologies is a company that is the leader in the public safety industry. It is their mission to make the world a better, and safer place for everyone. They deal with over one million prisoners every years, and they know that the video visitations are working for the bet of everyone. In the future, they will be developing even more technologies that can be used in the facilities. This will give them even more of a leadership in their field. They are sought after by the government, as well as many other companies whom want them to help them at their facilities too. They are a huge success that will find even more of it in the future.