How Vijay Eswaran Emerges a Success in Q1 Group

Vijay Eswaran was born in Malaysia in October 1960 to his parents Pushpavathy and Vijayaratnam. Eswaran co-founded the Q1 group and is the executive chairman of the multi-level marketing Company. He studied Socioeconomics back I 1984 and started working some odd jobs to keep him. He worked on construction sites, driving cabs and even plucking grapes before he got introduced into the binary system of marketing.

The new idea prompted Vijay Eswaran to seek for professional qualification and thus receiving a CIMA in the UK. Eswaran also joined the Southern Illinois University earning an MBA in 1986.Eswaran was also interested in multi-level marketing and started learning while working at Synaptic Company in the United States. Working in the firm gave him enough experiences and a good foundation driving him to start his company. He began the Q1 group.

Eswaran founded the firm in collaboration with Joseph Bismarck in 1998.The Q1 is an e-commerce platform which aims at diversifying into retail and direct sales, lifestyle and leisure, education, training, telecommunication, conference management and property development. Read more: Five Minutes With Dr. Vijay Eswaran, Executive Chairman, QI Group of Companies

Due to the networking marketing, Q1 has been able to expand into 20 countries diversifying into real estate and telecommunication services. The firm has shown a lot of success getting awards due to their efforts and commitments in the business. Some of the awards include the New Global Indian Awards because of his philanthropic works and the Global Indian Business Meet.

Vijay has been in forefront in informing, motivating and educating the youth in the business journey. Through his art of writing, he tries to explain his strong experiences in establishing the Company. He has come up with the bestselling books like, On the Wings of Thought, the Thinking Zone and In the Sphere of Silence.

Eswaran is also a motivational speaker where his audience involves the youths in the leading Universities and Leadership forums.

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