Wedding Gowns Head Down Aisle in Sexy, See-Through Style

The white wedding gown has always stood for purity and properness, and yet the symbol retains that honor, but has turned up the sex appeal for 2015. Oh, yeah….Get ready for some peek-a-boo, bridal fashion!

All one has to do is look at designer Vera Wang’s beautiful, nuptial dresses that made their mark during New York City’s Bridal Fashion Week last month. Talk about transparency! Marchesa, Naeem Khan and Reem Acra also followed suit, but it was Wang, whose sexy and seductive wedding dresses that stole the show, and at the same time made everyone blush.

According to the UK’s DailyMail online, Wang’s dresses weren’t afraid to show off some skin:

“Her lace and tulle gowns put plenty of skin on display, from arms and legs to chests and stomachs. Even the models’ underwear could be seen through the flimsy fabric, conjuring images of boudoirs more so than bridal gowns.”

Vera Wang’s wedding creations still maintained her signature, cool elegance, but in a nightgown kind of way.

Wang sees the wedding dress style evolving, as she explained to Yahoo Style. The word demure appears to be something in the past:

“[Brides] want to feel more sensual, more exposed, more sexual. There is a big movement towards that, and of course I like to think that I’m translating a movement in wedding fashion with my own vocabulary.”

Aisle be seeing you, so to speak.

Thanks to Bernardo Chua for showing me how wedding style has evolved lately.

The Perfect Wedding, the Perfect Surprise

A groom made his bride’s dream of the perfect wedding come true without her having a clue. After their engagement the groom would ask his future bride simple questions like, “What is your idea of the perfect wedding “? “Who would you like to have at the wedding”? And other questions like this. These questions were asked in a subtle and casual way with the groom consciously taking notes.

The groom was secretly making all her wishes come true. After a year of planning, her dream unfolded. With the help of friends and family the bride’s own complete bedroom with all her bureaus was brought to the wedding location to be sure she had everything needed.

In total confusion and excitement the soon to be bride said, “Yes.” She then looked around and realized that all of her friends were there to help her get into her wedding dress that was in her transported bedroom.

This is an example of true love. I think Bernardo Chua and I can agree on that. It is crystal clear that this groom wants to bring nothing but happiness to his beautiful bride and will surely have more surprises in the years to come.