Youtube Millionaires – The Multi-Talented Wendy Huang

Although it’s just passing into the double digits of age, it is no doubt that Youtube is one of the most successful enterprises of the information era. This is due in no small part to its ability to attract diverse talent in an exponential fashion. Youtube millionaires like Pewdiepie have been attracting not undeserved media attention as of recently, but for all the early success stories out there, there’s 10 more stars with just as much, if not more, talent, waiting to explode.

An excellent case study of this is the multi-faceted Wendy Huang, the six-figure earning management accountant turned marketing consultant turned multi-cultural internet beauty guru and entrepreneur. Wengie started her youtube career with The Wonderful World of Wengie, where she puts out two extraordinarily useful videos a week, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. With her success, she has leveraged her drive and her abilities to become the co-founder of UniMi cosmetics, a company with a focus on optimizing the beauty process, become CEO of StyleAlley, a marketplace for secondhand designer clothing, and collaborate with up-and-coming beauty brands like Shu Uemura.

In addition to her fantastic business exploits, Wengie has also made a conscious effort to reach out and give back to her community. She runs a separate blog where she plays the role of the wise big sister to her younger viewers, and gives sage advice for difficult situations. She makes videos that have extremely healthy messages, such as her video about Beauty Guru Camera Secrets, where she exposes the tricks in production that make models look so good on camera, and her diet videos which, although they may look like clickbait, advocate for healthy long-term lifestyle changes. But Wengie knows it’s the little things that count. To show this, she does regular give-aways and signs off every video with “I love you guys so so so so much.”

Without a doubt, Wengie is a shining example of progressive Youtubing. If youtube continues to attract talent that can compete with this driven beauty guru, it will have a fantastic impact for generations to come.