Kim Dao Takes Viewers To Den Den Town And Eats The Best Taiyaki In Osaka

If you ask YouTube beauty sensation Kim Dao where the best Taiyaki is in Japan, she has one answer for you: Osaka. In particular, the best Taiyaki is at her host family’s store. In one of Kim Dao’s more recent videos, entitled “BEST Taiyaki in JAPAN! | Den Den Town in Osaka,” she travels with her friends Sophie and Luke to surprise her host family and try their delicious Taiyaki.

After Kim Dao finishes a few chores for her host family, she takes viewers on a trip from Mikuni Station to the Taiyaki store. You should be able to find this shop by taking down Kim Dao’s directions in the video.

When she reaches the store, Kim Dao orders a custard Taiyaki. Luke and Sophie, on the other hand, order red bean Taiyakis. All three of the friends absolutely love their orders. Kim Dao says if you’re ever in Osaka you must visit this tiny store at least once.

After Dao and her friends finish their Taiyaki, they decide to travel to Den Den Town in Osaka. Dao says that Den Den Town is much like Tokyo’s Akihabara district, only Den Den Town is much smaller.

Kim Dao shows viewers all around the numerous anime and game stores in Den Den Town. She spends a great deal of time looking at the “Silent Moon” section of one of the stores she visits. Later she takes a long look at one Pokémon section of one store.

Later, Kim Dao does some more anime, cos play, and retro video game shopping throughout Den Dent Town. She also takes a look at interesting Japanese flavored ice creams and orders a rice dog.

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