Chamonix Owned Genucel At Boosting Self-Worth

Low self-esteem, self-worth, and self-propagated violence are characteristic of post-abuse periods. Self-propagated violence not only includes physical vehemence but also harmful thoughts among other possibilities of self-harm. Engaging in self-care activities that amplify one’s self-value is perhaps the surest way of handling post abuse indicators. Self-assertion, including constant reminders of self-worth, love, and beauty are some of the self-care practices suggested by survivors and mental health practitioners.

Expressing creativity and physical exercises have been proven to have improving impacts on self-value. Redefining one-self through wellness as well as body positivity allows abuse victims to create a new being of themselves, free from the abuser’s imposed perspective. Community support is perhaps crucial in the walk towards self-affirmation and esteem. The Chamonix derived brand, Genucel, partnered with Women Aware, availing beauty bags with toiletries as well as Genucel products.

According to, the violence-prone New Jersey has the highest number of domestic violence cases across the US. Women Aware, a nonprofit entity based in the province provides post-abuse support to the victims of such cases. Domestic violence cases in the state occur in a span of 7 minutes. Women experience violence to a higher degree compared to their male counterparts. The ratio for male abuse victims stands at 1/7, against the critically high ¼ ratio for women. This phenomenon necessitates a support system for women.

Established in 1981, Women Aware offers support for women and their families in New Jersey. The organization provides accommodation, food, and recovery for post-abuse victims. A hotline and emergency services go a great length in reducing distress for victims of spousal violence.

Organizing a charity walk as a therapeutic as well as financial move never goes wrong. The Moving Beyond Abuse 5K Race & Charity Walk set off its tracks in 2018. The initiative expressed support for former abuse victims and raised funds Women Aware’s services. Walking the cause is the most widespread self-care routine, is the most recommended by both survivors and specialists. The exercise relieves both depression and anxiety.

Nature certainly has a way to the heart and mind. Plants and terrains suppress the symptoms of major mental illnesses, including post-traumatic stress disorder. Abuse survivors unite in nature walks. The victims together isolate native plants and coexist with nature learning about the ecosystem in an approach referred to as eco-therapy. Such adventures expose the survivors to their surrounding making them environment conscious. The exposure has a massive relieving effect on the mind. Learn more about Genucel on


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