Chris Burch on Success

Bringing nearly four decades of experience to his endeavors, Chris Burch is the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital. Burch Creative Capital is an investment firm that uses Chris Burch’s passion and expertise to help people with ideas get funding to bring those ideas to life in the business world. Chris Burch has been behind dozens of successful ventures, including the Nihiwatu resort on Sumba, which he acquired in 2012 and renovated, turning it into World Travel & Leisure Magazine’s #1 resort in the world by 2016. One of Chris Burch’s recent and high-profile clients is Ellen DeGeneres. Chris Burch is working with DeGeneres on her lifestyle brand, ED by Ellen DeGeneres. Chris Burch admires DeGeneres’ ability to connect with people and leave an impression on them long after she is gone.

In an interview with Ideamensch Chris Burch answers questions about life and gives his advice for others who want to know how he achieved his success. He offers insight into his processes and offers life advice.

Asked about his business failures and what he has learned from them, Chris Burch states that he has thousands of business failures to his name but that he doesn’t regret them, source ( He mourns the loss, moves on and learns from the experience. With this understanding he moves on, saying he has no regrets about his business career. His one piece of advice for his younger self would be to live more confidently and pursue his dreams.

If Chris Burch could give one piece of advice for success, it would be to always listen. He doesn’t just make his decisions based on a cost/risk analysis, but also seeks investments with people who are creative and passionate. Burch admires the creative process and believes that new, innovative ideas are a benefit to the world, read more details on

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